Accidental Christmas

This years Christmas has been the most surreal Christmas yet. You know the saying 'everything happens for a reason'
I totally feel this I'm a strong Christian but Christmasses for us really sometimes do get forgotten & presents do take over perhaps we needed a shock to the system, a bringing back down to what's really important. 
On the night before Christmas Eve laying on the floor of my sisters room cuddling a wriggly Hugo listening to the storm beating down on the roof tops hearing the water coming into the house. Yes we saved all the Christmas presents but I laid there not thinking about opening them the following day but thinking hoping that our house will be ok. That all my friends & family around the country are ok! Thinking of all without power & tiny babies needing their bottles. Must of been awful! Especially the night before Christmas Eve.

Waking up on Christmas Eve to no power & a flooded house... My first thought was 'shit... This is just shit shit shit!' Apologies I know I never swear but I 'think' this could warrant the Shhhh word. Having to wade around the house in my Hunters with Hugo in my arms not freaking ideal. Emilyn on the other hand loved it she thought it was brilliant to have 'muddy puddles' EVERYWHERE! 
After trying to abandon ship & get a hot coffee (didn't work all roads where closed or like this... Yep that's a brand new Audi being washed away... 

This is meant to be a field ! 

Thankfully our trusty Campervan has a gas cooker! Coffee!! 

At around 3pm it's Christmas Eve after all we had the tough decision of what are we going to do?! Stay in a flooded house & wait it out? Or try & get a house somewhere else? 
Fortunately we managed to get a rather large 11bedroom house/mansion to stay in for as long as needed (we didn't break in I promise) my parents have good connections shall we say. 
We took 3 cars to fit everything in all our food & we took some presents. But if I'm honest I just wasn't fussed I was just so glad we were altogether. 

(A devil in disguise) for a few months we've been discussing going away with the whole of our side of the immediate family but for all of us & the dogs you're talking a lot of money!! 

The house was huge & beautiful with a few playrooms a huge kitchen, the outside toys & space was amazing I wanted to take this Wendy house home! 

Ok so we had a Christmas tree our family food & a wonderful house but still Christmas just felt a bit strange. We didn't open presents till almost 3pm... Well behaved children well they did have a big playroom full of toys! 

Overall though we did have a beautiful Christmas I think the reason I couldn't fully relax was because the house back home was still a state I knew when we go home that it would be a stressful time. 

The whole Christmas wasn't like our normal Christmas it was kind of tainted I suppose.

The children got overly spoilt with toys though of course Hugo got an electric car & radio controlled car Emilyn got her REX! & her 'mac' v-tech laptop don't forget those robot dogs she loves!! 

Trampoline fun! 

We had all been Dreading to go back home, but luckily we haven't lost too much stuff the electric in the lounge doesn't work so suspect it'll need to be rewired & we will need our rugs professionally cleaned. Nintendo Wii had no hope water poured out when I picked it up. I think I saved 50+ of DVDs I tried to dry them out will wait & see. 
We did manage to save 30+ years of photos though 

This glitch in our life has brought me further back down to earth why do we need to be so materialistic? 
I'm going to pitch up a tree house in the woods & live there !! 
I'm thankful for my lovely family, 
I'm thankful we all like to be around each other & get on. 
I'm thankful for life. 
What I've learnt? Carry on as we are & never take life too seriously. 
Smile more than cry there's always a new day. 
When Life throws lemons at you. Make lemonade ! 
Merry Christmas let's have a prosperous New Year! 


  1. I'm sorry you all got caught up in that nasty storm and I do hope not too much damage has been done as that's a bit stressful isn't it! I'm pleased you're all safe and still managed to have a wonderful Xmas despite not having all the odds and ends were believed are needed, you just proved they're not really. I suspect with such a good attitude and such wonderful support and love you'd have not noticed if the gifts and tree wasn't there!!
    I hope things clean up ok, and have a wonderful new year my lovely xxx

  2. I'm so sorry you got flooded, looks like you managed to make the best out the the situation. Hope you manage to get back to normality soon. Thanks for linking up at #ShareItSundays x



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