Advent Window 23 : Christmas Bird Mobile Crafty Christmas

Christmas Bird mobile

Advent window 23
Christmas Bird Mobile
You will need -

• card
• wire coat hanger 
• glue - I used PVA 
• hole punch
• newspaper (sports edition) hehe 
• paper scissors (well metal scissors but ones that cut paper)
• pencil or pen
• pliers - yes you really do need pliers I tried to use my metal paper scissors I didn't work 
• thread, string, I used wool
• Small tinsel
• Cotton wool balls
• Thread

Plus tinsel, cotton wool balls, & Thread.

Little helper, Crafty Christmas

Instructions - 

1- Draw a simple bird shape & cut it out 5 times 
2- Draw a petal shape on newspaper & cut out 5 pairs of newspaper wings
3- Use a hole punch to create an eye on each bird
4- Cut 6 20cm lengths of thread, glue wings & thread down on each side of bird. 
5- Cut a piece of wire from hanger 25cm long & cut another piece 35cm long
6- Assemble the mobile by tying the bird with thread to each end & one to the middle
7- Attach the wires together & hang!

Wait for the Crafty Christmas bit...

I love the whole adapting to whats around you: Instead of me making a whole Christmas mobile from scratch it made so much more sense to use the one I had already made earlier in the year... 

Crafty Christmas

Crafty Christmas

Once the Bird Mobile in finished! 
You need to make it Christmassy! 
Add the tinsel to the breast of the birds & the metal hangers. 
Then Add your 'snow' made from thread & cotton wool balls. 
Crafty Christmas
Crafty Christmas
Crafty Christmas
eeeeekkkkkk it's a matter of DAYS till Christmas !!! 
Happy Advent Guys!

Crafty Christmas

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