Advent Window number 18 : Iced Candles Crafty Christmas

Iced Candles

Advent Window number 18

Iced Candles
Really quick & simple to make, These candles create the most magical winter scene indoors.

Iced Candles *What you need

What you need :

1) Wash well, rinse & dry a selection of clear glass jars in various sizes.
2) Fill the jars one quarter-full of Iced stones (Can be bought from Etsy for £2.49
3) Put a tea light in each jar. £1.75 for 100
4) Put the bells around the top of the jars 6 pack of red bells £4
5) then tie the Butchers string into a bow... Butchers string 20 metres £2.99
Iced candles So simple

Iced Candles 
Iced Candles 
Iced Candles

Iced Candles

Happy Advent 

Crafty Christmas

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