Emilyn got her new Christmassy glasses today! 18/12/13

Emilyn got her new Red Christmassy Glasses today 
Pink Glasses - New Red Glasses 
Today we travelled to Bogner Regis to collect Emilyn's new glasses. 
She has been so excited to finally collect them, Also the opticians is close to the Seaside, Massive PLUS! 

Emilyn waiting patiently outside the Opticians.

Mumma & E 
E waiting for her glasses
E looking at herself in the mirror with her glasses on She LOVED them
Yay finally ready to go to the Seaside with her new glasses.

Oh did I forget to mention we've got DADDY home all week! So Daddy got to experience Emilyn getting her new glasses. 

We then went to the Seaside had an ice cream then Fish & Chips! It was FREEZING though & So windy!

Emilyn will look gorgeous on Christmas Day with her new Red Christmassy glasses!


  1. She looks so cute Bex! What lovely glasses tell her I'm super jealous because I have to wear my boring black ones all Christmas :) she is your double huh? :-) xxx

  2. Thank you! we love them. too adorable. you look lovely in your black glasses. xxx



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