Hugo's back in Hospital

If you read my blog on a regular basis you'll be aware that for the past few weeks life has been tough here. With two quite poorly children it gets hard to say the least. One blog you can catch up on here - Rock bottom & another here - Two poorly Children

We've been back & forth from the doctors all week & finally Friday after an emergency appointment Hugo got some much needed Antibiotics & steroids to help him breath.
Today is Sunday 8th December & no improvement when I say no improvement I actually mean he's got worse. Last night I laid next to him in bed twitching whether to call for an Ambulance or not.
Hugo has a chest infection, But as well as a Chest infection he has this awful stomach bug started with sickness last Saturday & for the past 6 days now he's had the most awful upset tummy... This meaning the antibiotics & steroids aren't working as they are literately passing straight through his body.
The last time I saw him like this was back In March (Feeling Torn) Hospital Living- I had taken Hugo up to the Hospital & had to leave Emilyn with Nanna but Emilyn was unwell too & I felt so guilt riddled.
This time however I'm not actually with Hugo, He's with his Daddy. & The guilt is even worse I feel. My heart is actually aching. Aching I can't be with my boy. Truth is though Hugo loves his Daddy & hasn't wanted me all day. Emilyn is still poorly herself though today has been a much better day.

But my gosh the Guilt. Its the Feeling Torn blog post all over again.... feels like history repeating itself.

Update from Mr.H is that Hugo has had inhalers but no improvement still so they're being admitted to the word. I don't know much else. I can't wait to see my boy tomorrow. I presume we will do swap over for Mr.H to go to work.

I'm thinking this week has been a tough old week.

This is also my first night without Hugo in his entire life... thats a bit crappy. But he does love his Daddy a lot so although I miss him & Mr H like hell I think me being home with Emilyn is for the best...
Doubt i'll get much sleep though.
In hospital waiting with Daddy


  1. Oh Hun I hope he's ok praying for a speedy pre Xmas recovery hugs to all xx

    1. Thank you lovely, Hope your two are feeling better xxx

  2. It broke my heart reading this! I hope both your beauties make a speedy recovery! Lots of hugs and kisses from me and Maisy-Jane xxxxx

    1. :( Still pretty poorly... I just updated here honey



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