Hugo Update 10/12/2013 & Sexist Doctor!

Firstly I'll apologise for not updating you all sooner. Secondly Thank you all for your amazing support & overall kind wishes & love. Since I've been blogging I've come across the most amazing people. Yes your are one of them.
I'm also going to just add that I use my very open blog (silly me) as a Diary if you like... so if you don't like my post updates: Why on earth are you; yes, you reading me blog? Don't go & moan that I'm telling the world about my life, well I know I am but I'm exhausted & its nice to be able to go back & put a date on things.

*Glad thats out the way*
Hugo was discharged from hospital early Yesterday Monday 09/12/13 we were told he has a viral induced wheeze. With him being on antibiotics & having an upset Tummy whilst not letting me give him much on his inhaler; his little body was struggling.
As he is diagnosed as Asthmatic any on going wheeze especially seeing his body trying so hard to simply breath is distressing for him swell as I to watch.
As I said Mr.H took Hugo to A&E I told you how much guilt I felt Hugo back in hospital But Hugo loves his Daddy & I truly believe he was happier with his Daddy, He definitely didn't cry for me whilst he was in hospital. Emilyn was at home with me being poorly too.
We totally have the whole Mummies Girl & Daddies Boy thing going on here.

Actually I should just say Ugh One Doctor! - This was the conversation as follows :

Doctor "Oh where is Hugo's Mother?"
Mr.H "She's at home Daughter"
Doctor "Well why isn't she with Hugo?"
Mr.H "Well I'm with him?"
Doctor "He should have his Mother here with him shouldn't he?"
Mr.H "He's happy with me, His Mothers at home with our poorly daughter"
Doctor "Well who's going to stay over night with him?"
M.rH "I am?" Looking confused
Doctor "Oh right ok"

How SEXIST! Or perhaps just old fashioned & set in the whole 'The mother looks after the children ....' Which really we are quite old fashioned here, Mr.H goes out to work to support us & I stay home looking after the babies & making sure he has fresh hot dinners waiting for his return home.... BUT
What is it ANY of this Doctors business really? Hugo was with a responsible adult & a Parent. Surely thats all that matters?
Not once have I EVER had "Oh where is his Daddy?"
I don't know how Mr.H stayed Calm I would of got rather pee'ed off!

Shall we go back to Hugo? Yesterday was more of a struggle. All he wanted was "Duddles Mummy Duddles" You got it 'Cuddles'
He wanted to be picked up he's so lifeless with no energy. He can barely walk across the lounge.
Hoping today will be a better day ! Got Doctors this morning to give him a check over too.
I stayed awake till gone twelve because the only way he wanted to sleep was with me sat up right & him on my lap. I knew my back would suffer today. Ouch!

In other news I STILL have a Poorly Emilyn; She needs to hurry up & be better she's got her big debut on Friday as she's MARY in her Pre-school nativity Mr.H took the day off work especially.

Thank you all for your amazing support.

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  1. Hope both little ones are feeling a bit brighter today poor things. Be awful to miss Fridays play! I'm so stupid I read the total as sexiest not sexist lol but gah at those comments how rude.
    I'm posting your Xmas card tomorrow just so you know to look out for stuff :) xx



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