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I recently had an email telling me all about the LightBulbs-Direct new ‘Light Bulbles’ Xmas Crafting Competition!
As I've been doing my Crafty Christmas blog posts this month I thought this would match up perfectly! If you wish to take part take a look here also here is terms & conditions

Here is my Step by step guide how to make Christmas 'Bulbles' Baubles for under 50 ' ish pence... 

What you need : Bulb Lights Crafty Christmas
What you need :

  • Old light Bulbs 
  • Spray paint
  • Glitter
  • Yarn/String
  • Newspaper

Honestly this must of taken me under 20 minutes & in-between cleaning the house for Christmas too. 

Here is your step by step guide: 

1) First thing you must do is tie your string/yarn/wool around your bulb. I didn't do this with my first one & the spray paint didn't like it one bit! 

2) Spray paint your bulb - any colour you wish. I chose Gold. 

3) Sprinkle your glitter - I used silver & gold.

4) Hang & admire

5) Let it dry for 12 hours at least 

6) Then spray with hairspray, it will gleam beautifully.

7) Done. Time for a cuppa tea? 

I love the look of this one; it reminds me of an Autumn Acorn
I love that I've taken part in this competition I would never in a million years to decorate a light bulb!
I do think they look amazing... 

I love the fact that I'm recycling something that is no longer in use for its original purpose.

This is in no doubt a Light bulb. It's definitely not pretending to be a 'Bauble' It's a Light bulb.
A rather beautiful rustic light bulb. 

Gold spray with silver glitter - this Bulb blends in as a bauble so well.

Christmas 'bulble'

Hanging on the tree looking beautiful Crafty Christmas

Bulbs on the tree Crafty Christmas

Light 'bulbles'

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