Our visit to Santa's Grotto

This weekend we are up in Lincolnshire, visiting family. 
We thought it would be a perfect time to find the local Santa's Grotto.
We usually go to a local one in Sussex, as we weren't overly impressed last year, It seemed like a good idea to venture out & find a new one.

£5 each ticket to see Father Christmas & they both got given a large Thorntons Christmas chocolate figure, 
We met Mr & Mrs Clause. 
They were so lovely!
Although Mr Clause thought HUGO was a GIRL! Bad move Mr Clause! You're meant to know EVERYTHING...
Bored of people thinking H is a girl?
Mr Clause did apologise when Mrs Clause said "Oh Father Christmas thats a little boy!"
Thank goodness...
Emilyn was a little bit shy at first but soon calmed down. 
She chatted away to Mr Clause. 
Hugo however didn't want to go near to Father Christmas & when Daddy stood up to take a photo; 
Hugo burst into tears...
Que. This picture
Family Photo with Santa 2013

I love to take the children to see Father Christmas, It makes it feel so much more Christmassy, It's such a magic time for them too. We've tried to take them each year...
2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 

Not long till Christmas now. 
Merry Christmas 


  1. I think as soon as you take the little ones to see Father Christmas it feels a lot more like Christmas! So exciting! Its lovely to see the little ones feeling better! Hope you had a lovely time with family :)
    aimee x

    1. Thanks honey. I love taking them to see Mr Clause. :) xxx



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