Rock bottom two poorly smalls

I've hit it, I've hit rock bottom, a whole week of no more than 45 minutes sleep at one go has been taking it's toll... But today the exhaustion has well & truly kicked in, so much so that I'm struggling to see straight. 

Hugo & Emilyn are still so poorly & I see no end in sight anytime soon, I gave in yesterday after the third yuckiest huge nappy explosion & Hugos third shower & full wardrobe change. Emilyn having a temperature of 39 & still vomiting. It was time to see a Doctor & to see a doctor now ! 
That's the plus with our surgery they're brilliant & agreed to see them right away. 
As you can see they were just thrilled to be going to the Doctors!! 

Emilyn is now on antibiotics Aswell as her inhalers she has a chest infection as well as this sickness bug. 
Hugo just has the sickness bug well until last night when he started barking like a dog oh my gosh he's wheezing horrendously today. Inhalers are out no doubt we'll be back at the doctors with him. 

Do you know what I hate the most is the whining the moaning from them for 3 hours ... Yes three hours this morning E was crying because she hates her cough then crying because her hair was wet from her crying it went on & on & on...

That break away from the children I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago... Well that's in dire need now more than ever. I want to sleep for a week. 

I'm fed up of cleaning up poo & sick! 

I sound like the worlds worst mother don't I? I miss my happy hyper crazy children. This sitting on the sofa or in bed all day is driving me insane !  

But don't worry I'm being lovely to my children Emilyn & I stayed up talks last night till 11 because she couldn't sleep we talked all about Christmas. Each time she's sick she tells me how sorry she is. & that she now feels better but carries on being sick anyway. 

Hopefully by next week I'll have my two happy smalls back. Because this week has been horrible. 

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