Tutu Du Monde 'On With The Show' handcrafted tutu label for girls

Tutu du Monde celebrates the vaudeville stars of yesteryear in its fabulously theatrical new collection...

Dressed in costumes dripping with sequins, feathers and sequinned fringing, with love hearts on their cheeks and a song on their lips, the vaudevillian beauties gleefully exclaim ‘on with the show!’ And Tutu du Monde, the handcrafted tutu label for girls, is following suit, dancing into the spotlight with its most theatrical collection yet, On With The Show.
The darling of international fashion designer Andrea Rembeck, who brought back whimsical girlswear without the itchy polyester, Tutu du Monde was a product of Rembeck’s ultimately unsuccessful search for a tutu for her daughter which wasn’t mass manufactured, hot pink and made from cheap fabric.

When she started to craft her own creations for her daughter to wear, she garnered attention from both her daughter’s friends and their mums and Rembeck very quickly realised there was a huge demand for sustainably made, ethically produced tutus crafted from exquisite yet comfortable fabrics.
A business was born and Tutu du Monde is now known for its vintage-inspired tutu dresses and skirts, embellished cotton tops, cardigans, beautiful capelets and shrugs, sparkling onesies and shorts, cute ballet shoes, and gorgeous head-bands and clips.
On With The Show fits perfectly with the vintage glamour of the vaudeville era, where stars donned feathers, sequins and floaty fabrics to dance, sing and entertain. The tutu dresses and skirts, onesies, tops, capelets, shrugs, cardigans, shorts, ballet flats and hair accessories are embellished with sparkling sequins and beads, fluffy feathers and silky bows and rosettes, and crafted from the finest, floatiest tulle and softest cotton.
Tutu Du Monde
The faded glamour of a Victorian theatre, with its heavy velvet curtain, bright lights, and headily scented bouquets of roses scattered over the wooden boards forms the backdrop to the new collection. Hair sparkles with glitter as the vaudevillian stars dance across the stage, skirts twirling and sequins twinkling in the bright stage lights. All of this is captured in the hand-applied beading, sequins and feathers which adorn On With The Show’s vintage-style pieces, a collection which could have been discovered in an old trunk backstage. In line with Tutu du Monde’s ethos of inspiring dreams and encouraging imaginative play, On With The Show celebrates fun and frivolity; the very things childhood should be made of.
Tutu Du Monde

Whether worn as party dresses, christening gowns, or flower girl dresses, for ballet classes, or magical dress ups, all of Tutu du Monde’s dresses, skirts, tops, cardis, and accessories are pieces to cherish but not to be stashed away and brought out only for special occasions. As with the entire line, On With The Show’s fabulous pieces are made to be worn again and again and are designed to only get better with age. Bring them out and exclaim, ‘On with the show!‘
Tutu du Monde is available online at www.tutudumonde.com as well as from selected boutiques worldwide. For further information, please contact us at info@tutudumonde.com
Website: www.tutudumonde.com
Facebook: Tutudumonde
Instagram:@tutudumonde Twitter: tutudumonde

From an outsider's point of view - I can't express how much I love these beautiful outfits. What a fabulous idea. Bringing fairies to life.

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