Two poorly people

Humpth... Now I really struggle with poorly babies anyway but with the craziness of the past few weeks & limited sleep it has started to grind on me. 
I really really miss sleep. 
It started Saturday Miss Emilyn had her first ever ballet performance, she done brilliantly but after she was very grumpy. Then she slept the whole afternoon. 
Hugo wasn't himself either & that night Hugo was up being sick. Emilyn slept in our room. I had to change all the beds then try & get to sleep... 
Sunday went by in a blur Emilyn has developed that horrid barking type cough ? Sounds a bit like croup.. 
Hugo still quite sickly too. Sunday night I crossed my fingers that we'd get some sleep but our nightshift started at 10pm Hugo had vomited everywhere!! 
Straight in the shower for him. He was shouting at me to leave his boots and bar on! Poor thing was covered in sick. Emilyn slept better but still coughed. 
I sent her to preschool & Hugo was still no better I have never seen nappies like the ones he was producing! Yuck doesn't even cover it. 
Emilyn came home from School poorly she slept all afternoon. 

That night Hugo vomited again. Emilyn was coughing more & had a temperature. 
So here we are Tuesday sat on the sofa ... 
 I've been told I'm not aloud to move. A lot needs to be done in the house! 

Having two smalls crying at you & wanting attention & cuddles all the time is the most frustrating thing. 
You see I just don't cope well with poorly babies. 
I don't cope well sitting doing nothing all day. 
I think if Hugo's sick again tonight it will be a trip to the doctors tomorrow... We had a similar experience to this at the beginning of the year with Hugo just before he got Bronchitis. Will keep an eye on him. 

Emilyn asked me to tell Father Christmas that she's poorly so he can postpone Christmas for when she's better!! Too cute.


  1. I'm hoping they're better now Hun if not hope you have some answers from doctors and nothing but pesky bugs. I'm currently sat with A whose thrown up everywhere tonight many hugs Hannah xx

    1. Thank you Hannah Its awful :( Hope A is feeling better xxxx



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