10 Questions to ask your partner before agreeing to have Children : The Perfect Child - Humorous !

10 Questions to ask your partner before agreeing to have children.

The questions I should of asked in the Coffee shop over 5 years ago on my first date with my now Husband & loving Father to our two smalls...

Question 1: Did you sleep as a baby? No? Ok Goodbye.

Question 2: Did you have the mother of all tantrums till you were 10 years old? 
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 3: Did you wet the bed every night till you were a teenager?
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 4: Did you have speech problems as a child? 
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 5: Did you make your parents life hell as a toddler? 
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 6: Is there any genetic problems running in your family that you know of? Your Great Great Grandmother had Talipes? Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 7: Have you had any plastic surgery? 
Yes? You've had your nose done? Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 8: Have you got an addictive personality ? 
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 9: Do you have bad eyesight? Lazy Eye?
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

Question 10: Do you suffer with Asthma, Eczema or Hay fever?
Yes? Ok Goodbye.

*This is obviously a joke, if you sat & asked all these questions: none of us would have any Children.
It did give me the giggles whilst sitting in the coffee shop this morning writing it though...

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