A new type of 'Baby Wearing' boots and bar style

Boots and bar

Boots and Bar living doesn't need to be boring all the time, To keep Hugo interested in wanting to wear them it's fun to have a mess around. Especially as he really hates having his bar put on. 

Hugo had his bar lengthened at our last hospital visit... did you read about it? HERE you can catch up.

Baby wearing 
Luckily I am quite petite size 6-8 so his boots and bar can fit around my waist quite easily...

Hugo was in hysterics he thought it was brilliant 
Who needs a baby carrier.. boots and bar 
Piggy Back with Talipes
Messing around 

Doing this with Hugo made such a difference with him, he was happy to have his bar on & went to bed so much better than he has ever before.

*I had Mr.H on hand to take Hugo's bar off then we put it back on once Hugo was on the floor. *

Hugo wearing his boots and bar
Boots and Bar is a massive part of our life, no point being dull & boring all the time. Night after night doing the same boring thing....

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