A normal night with Boots and Bar video snippet 31st january 2014

I don't lie when it comes to our life with boots and bar.
I thought it would be interesting to actually record a snippet of our life to show you what my evening is like each night-6pm strikes & it can be a 3 hour battle.
A battle to get Hugo into his boots, then a longer battle to get the bar on.. once its all on the battle to calm him down due to having his boots and bar on is never ending.
No wonder i'm struggling with exhaustion.

Hugo hates his boots and bar, He has bilateral Talipes, he has to wear his boots and bar for 12 hours a day till he's 5 years old. 3 minutes into our world & i still didn't manage to get his bar on !

*Please note Hugo isn't in any pain with his boots and bar. I'm in no way hurting him trying to get his boots on... he just really doesn't like having them on. 


  1. I really really feel you because I endure that screaming and thrashing around with A for different reasons obviously but it's so distressing to see and hear I think you're amazingly calm to be honest!
    I notice he cries at the boots but he really kicks off with the bar is that because his freedom to move is limited? Just wondered what he associates the bar with as a little one.
    On another note does he sleep in those leggings? They're so cool A takes his trousers off and I hadn't though leg earners like that night be an alternative!xxxx

    1. It's the bar he dislikes the most :( due to him not being able to walk .... so tough. :( - yes they're handy to wear with his boots and bar :)
      hugs hannah xxxx

    2. Thanks Bex I'm gonna get A some :) bigger hugs to you mrs! Xxx



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