Bar Off Mummy please! Talipes Boots and Bar 26/01/14

Boots and bar

I feel like I'm always moaning about broken sleep, mainly Emilyn's non existent sleep at the moment.
Sleep training is getting me no where, I've awoken today with my neck glands up (The side of my M.E, raising its ugly head) 

Last night was the usual, Wake up call from E at around 12am, followed shortly after was Hugo, 
E now sleeps in her duvet on our floor, H gets into our bed. Its squashy to say the least, Can you imagine sleeping with a Toddler with 20+ cm metal bar, especially with how much these toddlers wriggle! But you know I get on with it, we have a few bruises to the legs... 
Boots and bar off mummy
Last Night though H got into our bed & as soon as he cuddled up to me he whispered. "Mummy Bar off, mummy bar off please, mummy bar off"... I've spoken about this before many times before you can catch up with some here -
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You'd think it would be reasonably easy to ignore a toddler, like i'm sitting here thinking why on earth couldn't I just ignore him?
You just can't. Hugo was getting so frustrated, He kept saying "bar off Mummy, Bar off Pleeeeaaassee" I kept cuddling him telling him that we've got to keep them on. 
He then managed to get back to sleep but a mere 20 minutes later... it started all over again. 
"bar off mummy."
Hard work. I just wanted to whip them off him... 
Easier said than done. 
lot of cuddles later & reassuring Hugo he managed to get back to sleep again..
4am a few hours later he was awake again. Still in our bed too.. "Bar off Mummy, Bar off Mummy PLEASE," 
Getting more & more upset. 
Crying pulling to get his bar off. 

I now feel like the worlds worst Mummy as I took them off, I was exhausted, H was up the previous night being sick too, I just wanted us to get some sleep.

Hugo really hates his bar, I suppose out of the whole boots and bar business the bar is the most deliberating, he knows he can't walk with it on (That well) So every evening before I put his bar on he gets to have a boots only run around... And as for sleeping He's constantly getting tangled with the duvet... 

I now have huge Mummy guilt hovering over me. I gave in, now he's going to think he can get them off night after night...

Boots and bar  Talipes sleep.

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