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Do you know where your clothes are made? Do you know what conditions your clothes are made in? Do you know whats in your clothes?...

I've got a fairy tale for you - It will make you re-think life. See I never used to even think about where our clothes were from until recently, this may shock you into making changes like I have.
It was Emma Waights Blog Adore Reflect Sustain Chemical Kidswear: A Little Story about the Monsters in your Closet That actually brought this to my attention - It shocked me so much I've bought my children Burberry clothes who would of thought they'd have monsters in them?
The report ‘A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet’ tested 12 well-known clothing brands and found children’s products to be containing hazardous chemicals at each and every company.

Once upon a time
in a kingdom-not-so-far away, workers in giant factories were busy making children’s clothes. 

Away from prying eyes, the workers were forced to use hazardous Little Monsters to help print and dye the garments.

Soon these Little Monsters
began escaping from the factories, swimming out of the pipes to be unleashed upon the world. Some even made it all the way to the North Pole!

ven more frightening
the small creatures hid in the shoes, shirts and skirts worn by children across the globe.

These Little Monsters were causing BIG problems. Some were toxic, while others even had the power to make boy fish become more like girl fish!

The problem affected everyone!
From the modest outfits of the factory workers' sons to the beautiful dresses worn by the merchants' daughters.

From the finest garments from Burberry, to the cheapest outfits at Primark, these Little Monsters could be found lurking in the clothes.

This isn't a fairytale,
this is a nightmare!" cried the parents of the world, seeing their children so frightened by the toxic monsters.

So, they gathered
together to demand that the garment makers ban these Little Monsters from their factories and our clothes forever.

In just two years, they convinced 18 important merchants like Zara, H&M and Levis to begin getting rid of the Little Monsters.

But this fairytale
still needs a happy ending. Merchants like Burberry, adidas and Disney are still ignoring the threat that the Little Monsters pose.

Take action today
by joining the Detox campaign so that the kingdom's children and our rivers may live happily ever after."

You can find this story & more information from here

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