He hid his Boots and Bar ! Talipes post

Happy New Year our first Talipes blog post of 2014 its 5th January, 
What I enjoy about blogging is I never know what I'm going to blog about. Especially when it comes to my Talipes posts - 
Today Hugo done something new. Something he's obviously never done before. 
And something that took me back a little. 
He hid them! He HID them! His boots & bar he hid them....
Oh I knew this day would come when Boots & Bar time became harder & harder I just didn't expect him to become so cheeky with them.

6pm : Hugo its boots time, He ran off picked them up; my heart melted "aww look he's gone to get his boots & bar" I said to Mr.H 
"Uh Oh - Nope he's 'hidden' them" I then said "Hugo wheres your boots & bar gone?"

Hugo "Gone, 'DoeDoe' no bar"
Mr.H managed to get his boots on & as he was about to put his bar on Hugo said he wanted to walk to brush his teeth... ok ok got to give him that, he can walk quite well in his boots & he wanted to be a big boy & walk like Emilyn, not crawl or picked up. 
But Hugo obviously had other ideas, after cleaning his teeth. He proceeded to pick his bar up... 
I once again naively thought he was being a good boy & helping up... BUT no alas Hugo went to hide his BAR! 
Cheeky boy! Cheeky boy! 
*Sigh* its going to be a long night. He had such a tantrum, SUCH A TANTRUM! 
Kicking and screaming at Mr.H saying repeatedly "NO BAR DADDA NO BAR!"
Boots and bar time

Good News Boots & bar is on! 
Bad News I have a rather unhappy Boy! 
He's not happy! - Boots and bar time Talipes

Another ISSUE - The Duvet VS The Talipes Baby! = The Duvet ALWAYS WINS! 
Hugo's fight with the Duvet
Well Until Hugo Escapes the bed! 
He is So CHEEKY! Boots and bar 

The thing is, When he calms down & realises it is bedtime and the boots and bar are on to stay for the following 12 hours he cheers up. especially when he is doing his 'snow boarding tricks'

As soon as he wakes up at 6am - the first thing he does is "Boots bar off Mumma"
Hugo balancing with his Boots and bar on
Practising his snow boarding 
Happy Boy
Night Night Boots and bar see you in 12 hours.
It's Hugo's 2nd Birthday on Tuesday Thus meaning we will be on the 3 year countdown! 

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