Hugo is 2 tomorrow

Happy Birthday to my Youngest Hugo. He's 2 tomorrow  I'm not quite sure how... this year has gone so quickly, I know we've been busy but its flown by. 

the top photo Hugo is 11 months old & the bottom he is 1 year old.
Now time for me to reminisce back to that day that became Hugo's Birthday...Hugo's Birth Story here. Seems like a lifetime ago. Super madness. Waddling around Royal Surrey Hospital thinking the Midwife had broke my waters... She totally hadn't! 
3 Hours after she really did break my waters Hugo made his appearance almost falling in the floor quick birth...

With our Talipes journey I am super proud of my boy. He's changed so much in the past year he amazes me each day. Here's Hugo is a year old here's a flash back of his year in photos.

Here's a photo of his wrapping paper, After Christmas I noticed Hugo was more interested in his wrapping paper than the presents... ha Cars paper was a MUST then...

Hugo's presents from us + a few friends 
Happy 2nd Birthday Hugo
How is he 2 tomorrow ? 
Fast asleep last night of being a 1 year old

On the plus side we are on the 3 year countdown to say goodbye to Boots and Bar ! 

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