Hugo "My Feet are BROKE" Check Up 16/01/14

Hugo had his quarterly foot check up today... the weeks really fly by don't they?
It feels like I'm at the hospital more than anything else.

I decided to really try to explain to Hugo where he was going today; as the past two appointments went terribly with Hugo screaming kicking not letting the Physio any where near his feet.
This morning I thought I would try at least to get him to understand a little bit, The Doctors are here to help. 
Hugo then went on to tell me "My feet broke mummy, Doctors Fix them" at this I asked him if I was able to record him on video (Hugo loves the camera) I'm sure you're aware! - He sat on his little chair & went on to almost be interviewed by me. I was a little taken back to just HOW MUCH he understands. I've never told him that his feet are broken. I've explained that he must wear his boots to help keep his Happy Feet straight but thats about it. 
YOUTUBE Video of Hugo explaining why he's going to the Hospital
You can watch his 'interview' here ^^^

He was rather eager to get to the hospital this morning ...
Trying to get to the car.

Typically it poured with rain when we stepped out of the car to walk to the hospital.

Today was probably the best check up we've had regarding Hugo's behaviour, I did bring a lollipop bribe though... He really is starting to understand that the 'doctors' are here to help him.

The bit you've been waiting for :

Hugos left leg/foot is STILL over corrected, Its also tighter than the right foot. His left leg is still twisted outwards ... Although it has improved its still not improved enough. 
Thus meaning his Left leg still swings out & still sticks out more than the right. They will leave his left boot as it is much see him again in 3 months, the thing is, is because its at an almost normal angle once in the boot his foot could relapse.

I did get some real answers about just how long Hugo will be in his Boots and Bar too. He will have them off once he's 5 years old & not a day before. The relapse rate is 5% ... if he was to stop wearing them once he reaches 4 years old the relapse would be 15%... He scored a 6 (the worst) as a baby it wouldn't be worth giving up treatment before 5. 

It's good to know that we are aiming for another 3 years its something I can count down.
He will be under physio until 7 years (monthly) then they'll want to see him at 11 years too. Just to check he is relapsing.

Gogo & Mumma Photo 

Boots and bar 

We will be back at the Hospital on the 24/04/14 I know it will fly by.

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