Lights in a Vase : what to do with Christmas Lights

Today is the day in our that we are taking down the rest of our Christmas Decs. 
Hugo's Birthday is next week (who on earth would have a baby so close to Christmas is beyond me) 
I personally like to have no sign of Christmas when it comes to his special day. 
The Decs have got to go.
However: After trawling Pinterest one of my favourite past times once the Children are in bed & Mr.H is at work. 

So here is what I created:
Lights in a vase
Do you remember my Baubles in a Vase? Blog?
This is a mix up between the baubles & the lights.
I'm just trying to think, will it be bad luck? Shall I remove the baubles & keep the lights. 
I think its super pretty.
The lights are new from Mr Sainsburys £5 I think 
The Vase was from a florist for Mothersday with Flowers in. 
The Baubles 10 from Mr Sainsburys for £2 I think. 
Lights in a vase 

I really hate hate hate detangling fairy lights its more than a pet hate! 
I may even keep this vase with the lights in all year. 

Lights & baubles in a vase

It totally makes my day each morning when I flick the switch & Hugo's little face beams "Its Christmas" 

Baubles & lights in a vase
We desperately need new bedroom lamps I was thinking of doing something similar on one side & have a normal lamp the other. I'll be sure to update you all. 

Lights in a vase

Lights in a vase

Lights in a vase

Will you be doing something similar? 

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