Peter Pan Pantomime

Today we took the children to their first ever pantomime, it was a rather spare of the moment thing. The children have been really testing me lately so much so that yesterday I actually pleaded my Mum to have them for me, those of you who know me or follow my blog will understand how much of a rarety it is for me to ever have any type of 'me' time. 
Whilst I was out enjoying myself with one of my oldest & bestest friends my mum text me asking how I'd like to take the littles to a panto the following day. 
So she booked it. 
E & H had no idea what to expect & once we were sat in our seats (rather good seats too) Emilyn said "why is there a big tele there?" 

I can't remember the last time I went to the theatre myself I think it must of been the lion king in London years ago way before the children were born. 

I bought E a flashing princess wand & H a flashing star fish, they loved them. 

I was super impressed with both of them for sitting through pretty much the whole performance in quiet amazement. Hugo did get angry at one bit because we wouldn't allow him to climb over the railing (we were very high up) he wanted to get closer to the stage. 
When the performance had ended Emilyn whispered to me "I want to be up on stage, I want to be Wendy" I think I have a little actress on my hands.

We saw Peter Pan the Pantomime in The Capital theatre in Horsham West Sussex 
Prices are £16-18 (2014) 
Thoughoughly recommend going to see it great cast & fabulous story. 

Thanks Mum/Nanna for taking us. 

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