Sleep Training a four year old.

Since the flooding (the house flooded) & power cuts over Christmas E hasn't been sleeping. AT ALL.
It's like having a new born but I seem to have much less patience, as of course she's 4. She's a pretty intelligent 4 year old at that too.

I had a total eureka 'light bulb' moment today whilst sitting with my health visitor, Emilyn has been waking up at 12:30am on the dot for weeks, well since that very night that the house flooded & our house alarm went off. It was a pretty scary night, with the storm out side, hearing trees falling down in the woods... Since that night E has showed signs of anxiety issues she keeps wanting me, she keeps wanting cuddles (Always at night)

She even said to Mr.H the other night "Daddy where are you? Where have you been? I need my parents here next to me to look after me, you're not here?"

I am at my whits end. I haven't slept since December 23rd a full night, I know what you mums are thinking with your newborn babies... a month with no sleep is nothing what the heck is she moaning about!? - I'm used to barely any sleep to some extent, Hugo wakes a lot due to his Boos and bar, I can't get angry at him if he's tangled in his duvet? or if his feet hurt? Theres no sleep training to give to a talipes baby.

The thing what is exhausting me with E is that she won't just wake once... she will wake & wake & wake & wake. I need Super Nanny!

Well after discussing this with the Health Visitor... Stop rolling your eyes you. I can see you. what do the health visitors know hey?

She's given me quite radical advice.
Instead of E waking us up all night wanting cuddles.
For me myself to keep going in to give her cuddles.
Thus meaning the ball is in my court. I'm going to give it a go for two weeks.
See if it makes any type of difference.

Apparently this is no Controlled Crying case... apparently CC doesn't work on children it actually does make them quite distressed... humm go figure?

Anything is worth ago. Dark bags under my eyes is no good look.
Coffee isn't strong enough anymore.

Wish me luck.

If you have ANY advice it would be muchly appreciated.

Right i'm off to bed.

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