The Perfect Children's Bedding

Months ago, well I say months ago it was almost a whole year ago! Crazy,  I posted about struggling to find nice Children's bedding? You can find the post here - Toddler bedding
Well guess what H&M have well and truly out done themselves. 

I managed to find two beautiful duvet sets for Emilyn & Hugo on the H&M website last month. 
H&M Duvet Covers Buy Childrens duvet cover

You can find Hugo's here - Buy your Duvet Cover Here

H&M duvet covers 

The funny thing is that Hugo's Fox & Owl Duvet cover is in the Adult section! For £19.99 its not the cheapest duvet set but its by far not too over priced. It's beautifully made with metal poppers & gaps at the top of the duvet to pull the cover up.

Emilyns Duvet is in the children's section You can buy it here  for just £14.99
Cats & Rabbits Duvet Just £14.99 H&M
I really struggled to find Duvet Covers that complemented each other for the Bunk beds, 
I definitely think this meets expectations for a little girl & a little boy.
Bunk Beds for Siblings
Emilyn & Hugo's bunk bed

Hugo's new Bedding Owls & Foxes
Emilyn's new Duvet Bedding Cats & Rabbits
Bunk Bed
Emilyn's Bedding
More from H&M website - 
Both of these Stars bedding sets are £12.99

Both of these Dinosaur  Bedding are £14.99 each
Take a look at the rest of H&M to see many more beautiful sets here

*This is not a sponsored post Just love their new Bedding sets Thank YOU H&M 

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