Elliotts Fancy dress perfect Book Week costume

As world book day is approaching 6th march 2014 I'm sure you & your little ones are looking for the perfect fancy dress outfit...

For everything you need for your Childrens Book Week check out online Fancy dress store elliottsfancydress.co.uk. They have a huge selection of fictional character outfits, including all your favorites such as Alice in Wonderland & Harry Potter, here's a few ideas that I love...

How CUTE ! & what a fabulous price £11!
Peter pan Hugo would look gorgeous in this !

Harry Potter costume
Greek outfit - on sale too! Perfect
Clown costume

Horrid Henry !

Love this penguin

The list is huge with over 300 costumes to choose from just in the Book Week section. More than 1000 different costumes in other sections.

Delivery charges are great! I love when i know I can spend a little & not pay a fortune for postage! & Free delivery on orders over £50! 

"FREE PARCEL FORCE delivery on orders £50 and over!
This offer applies to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland & UK mainland only.
Parcel Force (is a weekday service only!)
  • Northern Ireland Next Day delivery from £2.50
  • Republic of Ireland (in most cases) Next Day Delivery from £3.95
  • UK Mainland Two Day delivery from £4.95
  • UK Mainland One Day delivery from £7.95 

Come over to their Facebook page HERE
Follow them on Twitter HERE

Pirate party FREE Printable's

How exciting! - It's sunny outside! What perfect weather to sit in the garden & do some colouring in?
Lets have a pirate day? Obviously I recommend coats still well unless you're in Spain? America (Area depending) or Australia?
I have the best website for you to pop over to. Just click HERE

Why not have a pirate themed party? With your very own pirate bunting!
Pirate Bunting

Food labels by Kim Haines; Wall decorations by Ben Chick; Parrots and treasure bunting by Joey Phinn; Black and red bunting by Lukas Miguel
Read more at http://www.perfectpartyuk.com/theme-guides/pirates/free-printables/#vh8VlLxc7QhFthOi.99

Quinny Yezz the travel HERO

Here we have the new Quinny Yezz - 

I am super excited to tell you all about it. 
The Yezz is as Quinny say "The Travel Hero of Pushchairs"

Here is a few points to why you should buy one:

Features & Benefits:
• Suitable from 6 months to 15kgs
• Frame made of gas-injected glass fibre - IXEF®
• Ultra compact and lightweight buggy - only 5kg *SUPER LIGHT*
• Ultra compact one-hand fold
• Comfortable seat with a natural recline perfect for your toddler to nap in 
• Ultra durable and weather-resistant seat - Rip-stop material 
• Carry strap for ease of transportation 
• Remains upright when folded. 
• Skate wheels make it light and easy to push around. 
• Includes a sun canopy and back pocket, handy for holding your toddlers essentials 
• Raincover available as an additional accessory

Why choose Yezz?

  • Lightweight


    Made of an extremely strong IXEF® high performance plastic, the Quinny Yezz is a featherweight buggy champion: only 5 kg! The superfast fold makes it easy to switch from pushing to carrying the Yezz when needed.

    Easy to carry over your shoulder

    Easy to carry over your shoulder

    The great thing about the Quinny Yezz is that it switches from pushing to carrying in seconds, making it the ideal lightweight travel partner.

    Ultimate compact package

    Ultimate compact package

    Super innovative, the Quinny Yezz features a unique 3D folding system. Fold and unfold in the blink of an eye, so you can switch from pushing to carrying - and back again in no time at all.

The Quinny Yezz is the perfect travel buggy, If you are off abroad what better buggy to take than one that weighs just 5kg & you can throw it over your shoulder. 

What do I think?

It's super compact. 
Easy to fold up & unfold. 
It's so lightweight I can carry it & carry Hugo even if he is wearing his boots and bar. Massive plus points. 
Hugo fell asleep in it, I think that in itself means he's comfy. Thumbs up from Hugo. 
I love love love the colour! 
It's lightweight but not flimsy feeling in the slightest. 

I love the Comfortable hammock seat 
One finger push
Stands by itself when folded
Perfect storage pocket
Repellant fabrics - food or drink spill? don't worry the hess seat is water & dirt repellant, simple wipe-clean any spills.

RRP - £175

You can find the Yezz HERE

What is the Yezz? 
Designed using the latest technology and lightest materials, this award winner buggy is strong, durable and easy to use and is ideal for tackling every challenge in the city. When not in use, the shoulder strap of the Yezz leaves both of your hands free.

We love this buggy - I can't wait to get it on the aeroplane.

Speech Therapy Week One Emilyn

Speech Therapy today
Looking at all the 'shish'

Today 26/02/14 was the start of Emilyn's speech therapy sessions a 6 week course... We have had the group sessions before. To be honest I never thought much of the group sessions. She never came away saying anything any different. 

Today though was a one on one session. What a difference!... I now understand why they do the group sessions. I think the Therapists are learning more about the child so when it came to today she knew what we needed to 'fix' shall we say. 

Emilyn struggles to say her "fffff" words i.e. - "Fish" is pronounced "Shish" 
Emilyn also struggles with her "D" words Pronouncing many of them "G""Dog" she says as "Gog"

But we had a *HUGE* breakthrough today. Emilyn learnt how to pronounce "D"... She was taught how to place her tongue behind her front teeth to pronounce Der, Der, Der, now she can proudly say 'Dog' Although its early days & I have to practice with her daily. 

What an improvement. I so hope she can start talking so people can actually understand her soon. 
Emilyn in speech therapy.



As we get ready to roll out the red carpet for the 2014 Oscars, online hair and beauty store Pauls Hair World take a look back at some of the academy awards most memorable hair and fashion moments with an eye catching infographic - highlighting the Oscars Beauty & Fashion History.  

The custom infographic looks at fashion favourite Hollywood looks from the Oscars, as well as historic fashion faux pas from celebrities including Cher, Tyra Banks and Celine Dion.  

Pauls Hair World have not only looked at past Oscar’s fashion, but also highlighted the most popular hair trends - including Jennifer Lawrence’s simple ballerina bun and Reese Witherspoon's classic Hollywood glamor look from last year’s event 

The fun infographic also includes interesting facts about the world famous ceremony, past winners and nominees as well as details about the iconic Oscars statuette. With 85 years of Oscars fashion history to acknowledge, the team at Pauls Hair World pulled together the most interesting Oscars facts and trivia to share online.  

Nikki Purcell, online manager at Pauls Hair World said “At Pauls Hair World, we love looking at the latest award ceremony looks for inspiration and ideas. It is important to help our customers channel their inner movie star and feel red carpet ready, and this fun infographic is a great way to revisit our favourite Oscars looks and get excited for this years event” 

You can take a look at Pauls Hair World Blog HERE
Find everything you need to re-create your favourite Oscars hair style online at 

The Bedding Company

We all know having a comfy bed is the most important thing about getting a good nights sleep... So where should I start?
First find a good retailer... Where do I suggest?  Where's best to find your perfect bed? The bedding company of course!
They specialise from Pillows to full size beds.
King Size beds starting price at just £124.99 (No mattress)
The Bedding Company
They also have a fabulous SALE on at the moment yes you heard correctly a sale. we all love a sale don't we? Take a look HERE... (23/02/2014) -
How amazing does the 'Luxury Pure cashmere Duvet' sound? 

You can find The bedding company on Twitter @Bedding_Company 
& you can find them on Facebook - HERE

Leroy's Boots a talipes story : The story of a small boy with big dreams.

Leroy's Boots Book

Its no secret that Hugo struggles to keep his boots on. The fight has been on - going since he was able to walk. 
I find myself 'venting' a lot, a lot a lot... on my Happy feet Talipes board. 
Whilst going through that dark deep month when we hadn't managed to get the Dobbs bar, Hugo's behaviour & sleep was horrendous. 
To say it's completely put me off having any more babies ever.
Then I received a lovely email from Lauren Christie The Author of 'Leroy's Boots' She asked for my address so she could send me a copy of her book to cheer Hugo up. 
It arrived yesterday & Hugo is over the moon with it. 
He didn't wear his boots last night so he has to catch up with them now. The book came at the perfect time. 

The story of a small boy with big dreams 
Reading Leroy's story
Reading Leroy's story
Reading Leroy's story
Leroy's boots is all about of course Leroy & his boots. All about adventures. Adventures whilst wearing your boots ! 
Leroy's boots take them everywhere. From Surfing to being super heroes up in the sky! 
Leroy loves wearing his boots to bed! 

I love Leroy's Boots Book. It's beautifully written & Illustrated. It brings a smile to Hugo's face & mine. 
I love that Hugo is just 3 weeks older than Leroy. Leroy is a fellow Jan '12 baby. They can be little Happy Feet Friends together. Although Leroy is Down under is Australia. We will just have to take that trip around the world we've always talked about. 
Leroy's Boots book

Fascinated in it.
He kept saying "He's got boots and bar on too" 
Leroy's Boots Book.
You can follow Leroy's Journey 

Perfect Pancakes with Princes Fruit Fillings

Add a new twist to pancakes on Shrove Tuesday with Princes fruit fillings! Its only a week away! 
Princes Fruit Fillings Pancakes Shrove Tuesday 

Pancakes with strawberry 
A really tasty alternative to traditional sugar and lemon, or if your like my children Golden Syrup and sugar... Talk about Sugar OVERLOAD ! 
Heres what I needed for plain pancakes and strawberries ! 
Yummy - Princes strawberry fillings.
The Children loved their pancakes with strawberry filling! 

The canned fruit fillings come in a range of delicious flavours to suit the whole family including Apple; Summer fruits; Red Cherry; Black Cherry; Strawberry; Blackcurrant & Blackberry. 

Princes Fruit fillings can also be used as a quick and easy addition to a variety of home baking recipes, from tarts to trifles, cheesecakes to crumbles. 

Pancake Day is a rather special day in our household. As we got married on Pancake Day! We of course has pancakes on our wedding day then that night went on our honeymoon to Tunisia where we had Pancakes for Breakfast everyday for two whole weeks! 
The staff would make Emilyn Micky Mouse pancakes everyday! 
So of course Shrove Tuesday will always be a special day for us. We also rather enjoy Pancakes!

Princes Fruit Fillings are available for £1.29 at a range of Supermarkets.

Serving Suggestion : 

For the perfect sweet treat, simply top a pancake with a generous helping of warm fruit filling & dust with icing sugar.
Chocolate Pancakes

Or for a really impressive dessert, try this mouth watering Black cherry chocolate pancakes:

Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • 125g self-raising flour
  • 10g cocoa powder, plus some for dusting
  • 2 tsp. caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 150ml milk
  • few drops of vegetable oil
  • 150ml double cream
  • 1 x 410g can princes black cherry fruit fillings.
Method :

  1. Sift the flour & cocoa powder into large bowl and stir the caster sugar.
  2. Add the egg and milk then use a hand whisk to beat the mixture together to make a smooth batter.
  3. Heat 2-3 drops of vegetable oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Use the batter to make 8 small pancakes, cooking them in batches. To cook, add small ladlefuls of batter to the pan and cook for 1-2 minutes until bubbles appear on the surface. Turn over and cook for 1-2 more minutes until set. Set aside on kitchen paper until all the pancakes are cooked. 
  4. Whip the cream in a chilled bowl until it holds its shape. Sandwich two pancakes together per person with half the whipped cream and princes black cherry fruit filling. Top with the rest of the cream & cherries. Serve, sprinkled with a little cocoa powder.
Chocolate pancakes with black cherry filling

Chocolate pancakes with black cherry filling
What we thought :

Delicious - absolutely perfect dessert. not too sickly (Meant I ate more than I should of done) quite quick & simple. The whole family enjoyed eating them.

For more Recipe ideas take a look at Princes.co.uk

*Disclaimer - I was given Princes Fruit Fillings for this review. All opinions & thoughts are fully my own.

The MAD Blog Awards

THANK YOU from us :)
he Mad BloAward

It's that time of year again - when Twitter & the blogging community are going crazy, Nominations are being counted & blogs are being nominated. 
I get so excited to be apart of it, So far I've somehow been nominated for 9 blog awards! I feel very privileged. So THANK YOU to any of you that have already nominated us. 
So far I've been blown away by being nominated for :

Best Blog Photography

To nominate us or any of your other favourite bloggers just click here and enter your email address along with a blog you think deserves to be blog of the year then you can nominate in each category on the next page. You can nominate us by copying and pasting the following URL http://busybeemummybex.blogspot.co.uk into any of the categories you would like to nominate us. We would really appreciate it.

A few Blogs that I LOVE - Innocentcharmschats.co.ukbump-to-baby.comawholeninemonths.blogspot.co.ukCupcakemumma.co.ukMedicatedfollower.comTheygrowsoquick.blogspot.co.ukCapturebylucy.com

MAD Blog Awards
The Mads 

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