Boots and Bar = NO SLEEP!

I've never hidden the fact that my son doesn't sleep: 
I solely blame the boots and bar.
Totally completely.
Last night was our worst night yet, Hugo stayed awake all night. 
I gave up & took his boots and bar off at some point, I can't even remember...

To try & catch up with the lacking of Hugo wearing his boots and bar I asked him if he minded me putting them on him in the day, he was ok about it whilst he sat on the sofa... 
I just had to keep moving him, picking him up helping him around the house.
He sat & played cars quite nicely for a bit...

Sleep deprivation is a KILLER, I'm totally struggling at the moment... 
I've made an emergency appointment to see the physiotherapists, I just need HELP.
My physio told me to let Hugo go to bed for a few days without his boots and bar, he went to bed so nicely, this makes me even more upset... I have another 3 years of this. 

Timer on my phone to keep his boots and bar on 

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