Bugaboo new Colours for 2014

Bugaboo Tailored Fabrics and Accessories for 2014

Things are about to get exciting? New Bug colours ! 
Rumour has it that Bugaboo will be introducing new colours ! 

I only just tweeted Bugaboo themselves but they aren't spilling anything as yet - 
at this stage I have nothing I can share but pls stay tuned for future product releases "

So they are Introducing the new Bugaboo Soft Pink and Ice Blue hoods, which will be brought out for the The Bugaboo Cameleon³ and Donkey, for spring 2014.
There will be new extending hoods for the The Bugaboo Cameleon³ in soft pink & Ice blue

The Buffalo will have Dark Khaki and Soft Pink added to the range of tailored fabrics.
Dark Khaki for the buffalo - Looks amazing with black chassis !! 

The Bugaboo Bee will also have Soft Pink added to their range (Again)?
Soft pink on Cameleon, Donkey & Bee Plus

The Donkey will have Petrol tailored fabrics added to their range.
Donkey new petrol fabric 
Where's the petrol colour for the Bee Plus? (Missing out)
There will be new extending hoods for the The Bugaboo Cameleon³ and Donkey. FINALLY!
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New coloured Breezy canopies will come in Artic Grey, Soft Pink, Ice Blue and Dark Khaki.

Seat liners, footmuffs and parasols will come in Dark Khaki, Ice Bue, Soft Pink and surprisingly, Navy Blue.
I do like the matching seat liners with foot muff & hoods! It was so needed!
They are due out on March 31st 2014.
Be aware that Bugaboo are also phasing out old favourites. There will be no more hot pink, royal blue or sand for the The Bugaboo Cameleon³ or Donkey. Pink will be phased out too for the Buffalo.
Sand bases will be phased out too on the The Bugaboo Cameleon³, Donkey and Buffalo. (No surprises there then) The dark brown base will also be no longer made for the The Bugaboo Cameleon³, and the dark brown seat liner will also be phased out.
Because we know black is best Missoni Bee Plus
Not Surprisingly, it looks like Bugaboo are phasing out the aluminium chassis in favour of black ones for 2014, for the Cameleon³, Donkey and Buffalo! - Typically I just yesterday bought the Buffalo with aluminium chassis!...

All Black Bee Plus
Black Bee Plus

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