Children and the Internet

This post has been a long time coming, How do I feel about the internet and my children? 
Coinciding together? See I'm quite torn between my love for the internet and my hatred for it.
How my life growing up was a world away from my own children's upbringing, But is this a bad thing? 
I think the social networking sites have recently had a bad press... 
Children Vs The internet

Let me start about the positives of living in an era of internet: The Social Media, The networking, The GOOGLE. 
See without all of the above I would never have found anyone who has anything in common with Hugo & myself. Hugo being born with Bilateral Talipes, I would of been totally isolated, Completely on my own without the internet to help me to connect to others. Also the spreading awareness about Talipes, I feel as though I have educated many, that wouldn't of known about it before. 

The keeping in contact with friends & Family from around the world. A HUGE positive, Whilst we holiday around the world, Spain, America, Tunisia. I'm able to simple connect to the wifi & 'FaceTime' loved ones. For the children this is superb. 

My Blog - A massive positive for me - Its my online diary. My thoughts typed out. Scary really but this is my life. 

Do I let my children use the Internet? - Yes of course I do. I have a limit on the time they use it but it's good, Emilyn especially is at that perfect age, She's 4 & seems to understand my iPhone 5 better than I do! - She has her own app folder called 'Emilyns' - We also have a Netflix account this is perfect whilst out for lunch or dinner to keep both little ones entertained! 
Emilyn & Hugo both own their own little tablet you know a children's one, They both call them their 'iPads' We are totally Apple geeks in this household. With the children understanding what the iPad, Mac, iPods & iPhones are. 
They've recently seen the world of YouTube - the 'Funny Orange' seems to be a favourite. 
I think the internet is going to be a huge part of their life as adults, I will never stop them from using it. I will however always monitor there use. Will I be making them Facebook & Twitter accounts ? Heck no. Will I be allowing them to have accounts... in the future when I feel they are ready for the world of Social Networking then yes. But I will be wanting to know passwords for everything. 


Now a few of the Negatives...
The cyber bullying absolutely terrifies me like i'm sure it does for any parent. I feel or I'd hope both my children if they ever god forbid found themselves in that situation would confront me straight away, The plus of course with it being online Bullying is you may think you can hide behind the computer screen, but EVERYTHING (The Bully) types is getting saved in to cyber world. The computer can always be traced. Theres no secrets in Cyber world. It's also great that Police now take Cyber Bullying so seriously. 

I think we are all pretty guilty of spending too much time procrastinating on the internet, This is something I am guilty of. I am trying to cut down the time I spend on here... Honest I am. 

The competitive side of Social Networking - "Look at my new...." 
If you have a very positive life your life is always MEGA LIVING THE HIGHLIFE.
If you have a very negative life your constant MOANING SUCKS. 
or the "New Car" update but you keep the fact that you got 'fired today to yourself' 

This could be quite controversial but hey i'm going to say it anyway.

We all spend too much time looking at our iPhone screen instead of the world around us. 
But has that changed too much to how I grew up. Parents look away now. 
I grew up with my Mum & Dad always reading the newspaper. They would come home from work Dad would sit in his chair & get his newspaper out.  
Now days it is just a small electronic device. In fact easier to put to the side than a giant newspaper. 

The closest thing to the technology my children have now; was our satellite Tele with 'Rugrats' on, of course Tape players & VCR player- Hugo tried to 'park his car in my friends VCR player. He obviously had no clue to what it was. 

I had an amazing childhood, I spent most of my time outside climbing trees. - My Children have all this technology around them, But they still prefer to play outside rain, sun, snow, they are out there. 
Technology by no means has ruined the upbringing of my children. If anything it has/will help, I'm sure homework will be easier... Hello Google! Joking, Joking! I wonder if homework will ever get scraped, plagiarism may be too wide spread to know whats there true work... 

Parents have always had distractions around us. I'm sorry but i'm a stay at home mum. I need a me break in the day. If that means sending a few tweets out here & there I will. I need that connection. 

In a nutshell - The Internet is phenomenal. Has Facebook & Twitter taken over the world. It feels like it sometimes. Whilst watching TV having #this or hashtag that pop up on the screen... 
It totally fascinates me from the start of the Internet, Do you remember that awful Dial Up noise... 'Brrrrr ring ring brrrrrr eeeekkkkk' whilst you connected to the internet, Then you couldn't use your house phone whist you browsed the internet, Browsing the internet then took 10 whole minutes to even load your MSN account where you would chat to school/college friends... 'BRB'
Now you have Virgin Media Fibre meaning you can download a whole music album in just 6 seconds, It would take 20 minutes + to download one song back in the 90's. I remember the agonising wait like it was yesterday. 
Mind blowing really. What's next? 

*Disclaimer - This is a Sponsored post, However all thoughts & opinions are my own

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