Emergency Foot appointment 06/02/14

Picnic in the hospital waiting room- 
After Hugos foot check up a few weeks ago (You can catch up here) - He had his bar lengthened but that was about it, He has been terrible with his boots and bar, I would go as far as saying it feels like he hasn't turned into a completely different child at boots and bar time. I dread 6pm every night... Then the night goes as follows: after the mess at the beginning of getting his boots and bar on & then settling him to bed ... that can take hours...

9pm - wake up upset crying wanting boots and bar off stays awake for an hour...
11pm - He's been asleep oh all of 20minutes & he's awake again he's stuck. Boots and bar got stuck. Then he stays awake for another hour asking pleading me to remove his boots and bar.
1am - Awake crying Boots off mummy- HEARTBREAKING.
4am - Awake
5am - Awake
6am - ITS MORNING... Rise & Shine.
My night is spent trying to calm him down to go back to sleep....

Typically I let him sleep without boots and bar on Tuesday 4 th February - Yep you guessed it he slept all night. ALL BLOODY NIGHT.
You tell me my boy is just a bad sleeper? Nothing to do with the metal bar in between his legs.?

Eating his 'picnic'
So enough is enough I need help. more than help. I rang the Physio's & managed to see them today - thank goodness.

Que. Me having a massive breakdown. Its so difficult to really explain just how tough it is. Without sounding like a huge crazy loony mother.
The Physio's were really good & tried to understand. She recommended I buy the Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems By Richard Ferber -
Also - C-prodirect do a Baby Sleeping bag  specially designed for Clubfeet babies BUT it only goes up to 18 months? I might buy it & give it ago?

I'm going back in 3 weeks time to see how Hugo is getting on.
She also ordered me the Dobbs bar if the latter doesn't help.

She also told me that If I was to give up treatment now Hugo's feet would relapse she's 90% sure...
OK well I'm not going to give up treatment I just need guidance. & HELP.

Playing with the toys in the waiting room
The other thing they recommend was to show Hugo pictures of his Before feet...

Looking at pictures of his before feet- 

Pointing at his feet

Pointing at his feet...

I can never go to the hospital & leave without my trusty caffeine fix. 

I'll update in three weeks... 

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