Hugo is a BOY! HE not SHE!

Hugo dressed in Maxomorra from Kyna Boutique & Slugs and Snails tights 

I'm not sure many times over the next few years you'll see me writing about this subject.
Hugo is a boy - In my eyes he looks like a BOY, So why do so so zoo many people assume he is a girl? ...
Every week at the moment I hear this -
"Aww what a lovely sister you have."
"She is cute"
"Oh be careful of the little girl"
"How sweet is she"
"Whats her name?"
"Aww how old is she?"
"Careful of the little girl... Oh sorry little boy" - SHE CORRECTED HERSELF ! I thanked her!

Hugo wearing Slugs and snails tightsMaxomorra

Ok so I admit I probably don't help matters -
He has long blonde curly hair.
I like to dress him in BOYS TIGHTS.
I like to let him express his personality in any way he chooses if that means he wants to wear a 'princess dress' he will.

It feels so awkward to correct these people. If its a shop assistant I generally leave the shop, Never to be seen again.
The other day it was a new lady at our toddler group,
"How old's your daughter?"
Balls! She even think HUGO is a GIRL!...
I gently said HE is almost two... Aren't you HUGO.- I saw her wince a bit with embarrassment..
That day Hugo was dressed in red wellies, Boys tights, his brown duffel coat... and with his long curly blonde hair.. I still don't think he looks like a girl though.

My question is though :

Why does society think this way? Why is society so narrow minded?
 PINK is just for GIRLS?
TIGHTS is for GIRLS? Gosh they are so comfy & warm!
LONG HAIR is just for Girls? Heck I love Hugo's Hair. I have asked if he wants it cut. He doesn't so its staying for the infinitive future.

Princess Hugo

Have you seen just how boring boys clothes can be?
Hugo loves his clothes, as long as he is happy & i'm happy why does this matter?
Hugo loves dressing up as a 'princess'
Hugo loves having his nails painted.
Hugo loves the colour pink & it generally is his first choice when picking plates for lunch time...
Hugo loves to play with Emilyn's dollies too? IS this bad??
If Hugo loves this why does it matter?
pretty nails Hugo
Builder Hugo

I can't be the only one who thinks like this? Who likes to dress their child differently?
I will not conform to 'what society thinks is correct'

This is Hugo dressed today...  Ralph Lauren & Jeans 


  1. He's just a gorgeous boy! I see nothing wrong with them wearing what they like. I loved so many of my twins baby grows I kept them for my little girl!

  2. I agree, he's absolutely adorable! People can be so narrow minded about these kind of things. And his hair is gorgeous, I wouldn't cut it either!!

  3. If i had a boy id dress him in boy tights leggins etc as they are so comfortable! I think you have a very cute little boy x

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    1. Thank you, love the tights definitely comfy for him xx



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