If I were Mother Nature I’d be throwing a tantrum too right now. UK FLOODS

Floods on the road
Since I first shared our house flood photos over Christmas & the power cuts that lasted more than a few days. .. The weather has in no way improved just yet. 
The skies have poured records amount of water, The United Kingdom hasn't seen rain like this is something like 240 years ! 
I can't see no end to the rain... Train trip to Brighton? Forget it. The train lines are flooded. 
Holiday to Somerset? Forget it unless you have a boat? 
Drive to the Supermarket? Forget it. I can't even manage to get out of our village! We are flooded in.
Drains backing up? No cure! Time just Time. 
I know its difficult to see it but I really hope people see the floods & power cuts (Due to these obscene weather wrecking the power lines) I hope you see this as Mother Nature's warning, (Or of course God's warning if that something you would prefer to believe in) 
Wether you think it's linked to the climate change or not, The 7 warmest years on record in the UK have occurred since the year 2000. This is REAL. This is REALLY HAPPENING. 
The Earth was here first and if we continue to exploit it for our own selfish, superior means... What do you really expect to happen... If you move into a lovely detached house with your own river access or build on a flood plain traditionally used for farming.. the flood plain are there for a reason! You really can't complain when it rains a lot and it disrupts your life. 
We all should be living within the limits of what the environment can offer. 
Show a little respect! 
If you can't change your lifestyle for yourself, then do it for your Children/Nieces/Nephews.
Personally i'm very scared about what life has in store for them.
If I were Mother Nature I'd be throwing a tantrum too right now.

We've had our Parents home flooded more than I can remember in the past two months. It's now something we can't control & luckily it hits just the lounge so it is manageable although a little disruptive. We can't do anything until it stops raining! - Their house is over 300 years old & has no foundations. The water seeps up under the house. This is something we need to seriously look into getting fixed! 
Flood in the house
Flood in the house
The stream full outside my house...
Then we have the Power Cuts we had no power for the whole of Christmas luckily we managed to stay at a friends house. 
Lovely open fire to keep us warm.
We had the weekend away at relatives in Norfolk & came home to no power in our house. My sister told me it went out at 9:30pm on friday 14th February. We arrived home on Sunday to a very dark & cold house. 
We always try to make the best of a bad situation. 
Outside light 
We got candles all over both houses & the fire on. Then we nipped out for a fish & chips dinner & ate melted ice cream in the comfort of our camper van.
Thank goodness for our rather Gormless looking Campervan! Thus means we were able to have HOT DRINKS! 
Hail Storm 

Watching the hail storm
I would like to just Thank Southern Electric for getting our Power back up last night (Sunday 16th February) we could see them working hard to rectify the problem. 

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  1. The floods are awful!! I can't really believe some of the scenes on tv - that picture of the flooded field is unreal. Apparently we're set for the hottest summer in years we well, the weathers crazy!

  2. It is madness.... the UK can't cope with any extreme weather ... it'll be fun to see just how hot it gets. roll on with EVERYONE moaning about the weather then too... lol x



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