Leroy's Boots a talipes story : The story of a small boy with big dreams.

Leroy's Boots Book

Its no secret that Hugo struggles to keep his boots on. The fight has been on - going since he was able to walk. 
I find myself 'venting' a lot, a lot a lot... on my Happy feet Talipes board. 
Whilst going through that dark deep month when we hadn't managed to get the Dobbs bar, Hugo's behaviour & sleep was horrendous. 
To say it's completely put me off having any more babies ever.
Then I received a lovely email from Lauren Christie The Author of 'Leroy's Boots' She asked for my address so she could send me a copy of her book to cheer Hugo up. 
It arrived yesterday & Hugo is over the moon with it. 
He didn't wear his boots last night so he has to catch up with them now. The book came at the perfect time. 

The story of a small boy with big dreams 
Reading Leroy's story
Reading Leroy's story
Reading Leroy's story
Leroy's boots is all about of course Leroy & his boots. All about adventures. Adventures whilst wearing your boots ! 
Leroy's boots take them everywhere. From Surfing to being super heroes up in the sky! 
Leroy loves wearing his boots to bed! 

I love Leroy's Boots Book. It's beautifully written & Illustrated. It brings a smile to Hugo's face & mine. 
I love that Hugo is just 3 weeks older than Leroy. Leroy is a fellow Jan '12 baby. They can be little Happy Feet Friends together. Although Leroy is Down under is Australia. We will just have to take that trip around the world we've always talked about. 
Leroy's Boots book

Fascinated in it.
He kept saying "He's got boots and bar on too" 
Leroy's Boots Book.
You can follow Leroy's Journey 

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