Let them be little....Poem

Let them be little

Let them be little 
Let them squish mud through their toes,
and drink from the garden hose.
Let them be little
Look at their tiny fingers and thumbs.
enjoy the noise they make with those drums.
Just let them be little
Take time to dance.
Leep and prance.
Just let them be little.
Explore every flavour, texture & sound, 
though no panic if they eat grass from the ground!
Let them be little.
The bubbles they love to chase and pop, 
This brings laughter with a wiggle, giggle and a hop.
Let them be little.
Show them the place where the hand dryer blows.
Play with their shadows as late sunlight glows.
Just let them be little.
Toss them high in the air, not two times but ten.
Spin them in circles as they will beg you "again again!"
Let them be little.
Let them wear your big high heel shoes,
I'm sure they'll love to choose.
Just let them be little! 
Read to them now, later & tomorrow.
Again and again the same book later & tomorrow, tomorrow.
Let them be little.
Hug them tight today and let them be small.
For a day will soon come, when they won't hug you at all.
Let them be little.
Soon these wonders will fade, life will become boring & dull.
Their minds get too busy & their schedules too full.
Let them be little
Because they will grow, yes they will, faster than fast.
Moments like these just never last.
let them be little
So stick out your tongue, make a mess, 
act as silly as you can & don't take any less.
Let them be little
Let them cry, let them giggle.
Let them sleep in the middle.
Oh just let them be little.
For this is your time so get the paddling pool out
Do a matching pout
Just Let them be little.
Live your life to the fullest.
Cause this is it. it;s your time, their time, and it's all you get.
So let them be LITTLE.



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