Speech Therapy Week One Emilyn

Speech Therapy today
Looking at all the 'shish'

Today 26/02/14 was the start of Emilyn's speech therapy sessions a 6 week course... We have had the group sessions before. To be honest I never thought much of the group sessions. She never came away saying anything any different. 

Today though was a one on one session. What a difference!... I now understand why they do the group sessions. I think the Therapists are learning more about the child so when it came to today she knew what we needed to 'fix' shall we say. 

Emilyn struggles to say her "fffff" words i.e. - "Fish" is pronounced "Shish" 
Emilyn also struggles with her "D" words Pronouncing many of them "G""Dog" she says as "Gog"

But we had a *HUGE* breakthrough today. Emilyn learnt how to pronounce "D"... She was taught how to place her tongue behind her front teeth to pronounce Der, Der, Der, now she can proudly say 'Dog' Although its early days & I have to practice with her daily. 

What an improvement. I so hope she can start talking so people can actually understand her soon. 
Emilyn in speech therapy.

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  1. Ahh that's lovely to read Bex, she'll soon be chattering away so everyone can understand. x



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