Vax Pressure washer makes the toughest outdoor cleaning jobs easy VPW3

Hugo helping me out.
Vax pressure washers make the toughest outdoor cleaning jobs easy
The UK’s number one floorcare brand is taking its indoor cleaning expertise outdoors, with a range of powerful and durable pressure washers.
If you’ve ever tried to use your garden hose to shift stubborn dirt from your patio, car or shed you’ll know just how poor the pressure is, even using a spray attachment to concentrate the flow. Vax’s new range of pressure washers deliver up to 40 times the cleaning power of a garden hose spray attachment, so you can blast away stuck-on muck and mud in seconds. 
Love how easy it is to clean my car

The patio will be sparkling clean by the end of today. 
As experts in indoor cleaning for over 30 years, Vax has produced outdoor washers that are both high powered and designed to last. For instance, the pump is a key component that’s particularly prone to stress, so everyday wear and tear can cause the pump on a standard domestic pressure washer to fail. All Vax pressure washers feature industrial-grade aluminium pumps to ensure they keep on delivering a brilliant cleaning performance, time after time. 
There are four models in the Vax range, starting with the compact VPW1 Powerwash 1700, which is perfect for light tasks and smaller spaces, ranging up to the high performance VPW4 Powerwash 2500 – a heavy duty washer with an extra long 10m cable that’s designed to tackle the muckiest jobs with ease. All four models are lightweight, wheel-mounted and designed for easy transportation. They each come with a lance and jet nozzle to dislodge stubborn dirt from all surfaces, plus a higher pressure turbo nozzle to blast away embedded dirt from high traffic areas. The hand gun has an easy squeeze trigger and a built-in safety lock for easy on/off trigger release. A selection of add-on accessories is also available including a Car Kit and Patio Kit, which both feature specialist brushes designed to achieve the best finish on each particular surface
Cleaning my car Power Washer Vax
Our Thoughts :

Absolutely fabulous. Easy to set up, and so much fun to use. The satisfaction using it is phenomenal. 
It's now taken cleaning the car from a chore to something we actually enjoy. No more dirty cars for us! 

Cleaning the patio after this awful yucky winter its amazing to see what it actually 'should' look like. 

Pressure washer
Would I recommend this?

YES 110% I would. It's fabulous. Does everything it says it will plus more. All the gadgets that came with it to make the pressure higher & faster superb.
Cleaning the walls 
Cleaning the car 

Cleaning the patio... 
Then I tried out the 'Total Outdoor cleaning kit'  This comes with

The Patio Brush - A large rotary brush, great for concentrated cleaning of large areas quickly and efficiently. Ideal for patios, decking, driveways and garage doors. Attach the patio head to extension tube, push firmly together and turn clockwise to lock into position.

The Outdoor Brush - A handy outdoor brush, perfect for removing the dirt from various outdoor surfaces, Ideal for garden furniture and conservatories. Firmly push the outdoor brush together with he lance extension tube trigger and turn clockwise to lock into position.

The Rotary Brush - A firm bristled brush with 360 degree rotation, providing extra scrub power for an extra clean. Ideal for car alloy wheels and car grills. Firmly push the rotary brush together with the lance/extension tube/ trigger handle & turn clockwise to lock into position.

The Car Brush - A soft bristled brush, perfect for agitating tough dirt from sensitive surfaces. Ideal for car mirrors and car body. Firmly push the car brush together with the lance/extention tube/trigger handle and turn clockwise to lock into position. 

& The Extension tube - an additional connection tube providing you extra reach. Firmly push the extension tube into the trigger handle and turn clockwise to lock into position.

Here's a video showing you just how brilliant this Power Washer is....

Vax pressure washers can be used for a whole host of different outdoor cleaning tasks, including patios, decking, sheds, fences, BBQs, stonework, masonry, garden tools, cars, bikes, boats, caravans and much more besides! The range is available from major retailers and direct from at prices starting from just RRP £69.99 for the VPW1 Powerwash 1700. For more information visit 

*Disclaimer - I was given this for the purpose of this Review, however all opinions & thoughts are my own. 


  1. Who wants to spend hours cleaning? I know I don’t. I have a few tips for how to use a pressure washer more efficiently, if I may. (1) You may want to consider using a cleaning solution to make any cleaning a lot easier. If you’re worried about toxicity, you can also use plant-based chemicals. (2) Let gravity do the work for you. If you’re working on a wall or fence, work from top to bottom. (3) Use a clean water supply so that you don’t clog up the nozzle. You can also use a nozzle filter for that.

    German Zollinger @ TotalCleanEquip

  2. Having your very own spray washers can be beneficial instead of renting one or hiring a pressure washing company to do the job for you.



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