Baby Proofing your Home

Easier said than done... The only way to really trial & test baby proofing your home is bringing an inquisitive baby/toddler into your home & finding out what crazy chaos they get themselves into.
Safe tots  are the baby safety specialists they have over 100 gates & 500 extension solutions to fit gaps from 50cm to over 5 metres.
I'd like to think I'm pretty 'with it' when it comes to baby proofing your home, Whilst living in Epsom we had pretty lethal stairs but annoyingly we couldn't fit the conventional stair gate this is when the BabyDan Configure gate came in handy we bought that gate & it was perfect! It fitted around the bottom of the stairs. I think you can use them as room dividers too.
I think I could probably talk Stair gates all day... just how gorgeous is this Lindam Numi gate...

Moving on from the stair gates... Lets talk the dreaded kitchen doors, I opted for the Magnetic drawer locks this worked out great for us, I didn't want to drill holes in to my expensive kitchen doors. I recommend these 100% also perfect for rented houses, they come with adhesive strips so you don't need to drill them into place.

The other perfect thing was the Dreambaby flexible door Latch the children have a sliding door, (I thought it was a fabulous idea at the time) however they have the tendency to open, close, open, close... and OUCH they've trapped their finger!! The door latch is great at keeping the door open. We've had it over a year & it's still sticking on the wall. 

The fireguard! - we used a pretty inexpensive one it does the job, keeps the little people away from the log burner...

The Socket covers - We all need these! - I just got CLIPPASAFE PLUG SOCKET COVERS PACK OF 4 for £2.79 you can never be too careful in my eyes.

This is just the basics. You'll begin to know what you need to get once your baby starts crawling, Those DVD's on that shelf will need to be moved... well unless you enjoy chewed DVD covers (Obviously talking from experience...)
The wires in the corner of your bedroom, Your baby will find them. 

Just have the mind set - Your baby will want anything he/she isn't allowed to have! 

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