Bloggers wanted : Does your Child wear glasses?

Granted this is a bit of a strange request from me. 
I have with the help from Emilyn written a children's book. specifically for little boys & girls who wear glasses. 
So as the title suggests I'm asking if your child or if you have a friend who's child wears glasses but you are happy to pop a post on your blog to tell the world that this book exists. 

I'll give you brief description  : 
Wear your glasses Tess, A short children's story to help the transition for little ones who must wear their glasses, 
Tess refuses to wear her glasses. Well until she realises just what she's missing out on.
We all want to see how beautiful the world is don't we? She soon learns that wearing her glasses is the best thing ever. 
How did she go so long without them! 

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