Changing of the Clocks. Confusing times...

Well what clever person thought changing the clocks on Mother's day morning was a good idea? They obviously don't have children.... Ha 
I know its only been a day or so but this clock change has been the hardest to handle yet!... It's absolutely amazing to have it lighter in the evenings don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about that... much.
We are now having the "But its morning outside mummy the sun is still out. I can't go to sleep whilst the sun is still out...."
Oh my gosh I'm tired GO TO SLEEP...
Then after all the questions & bare in mind its now almost 8pm & I keep hearing Emilyn talking... the odd "Love you mummy" Yes very sweet now go to sleep!
The mornings... Oh my goodness. I can't WAKE UP. I just can't. The children however. Yep they are awake. Well they are awake most of the night especially Hugo. He has been super super grumpy we had 3 hours of non stop tantrum this morning. He's just totally not himself.
I saw this watch whilst browsing in town it's happy face would keep me happy... 
I'm sure we will be used to the time change soon. It's just bizarre to have it so light outside. 
The summer is almost upon us. Exciting times.

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