Classic Cars are a fashion statement

Have I ever mentioned my love for cars? I grew up with my dad restoring cars I kid you not when I say we on an average day have about 20-30 cars in our DRIVE WAY... its more like a car park!
When I must of been about 5 my Dad told me the little blue Mini in the drive was mine, I loved my Mini with my whole heart, The day that we sold it I cried my eyes out.
Since then I have such a soft spot for the mini's & any classic cars that looks as cute as the Mini.
So with this I grew up with an immense love for cars.
I go through my cars more than the average person probably, I usually decide to get a (new to me) car every 4-6 months...
Meaning I am on almost first name terms with my insurance company.
Having a good insurance company is such an important thing when buying an old car but with Classic car insurance  you'll be sure to know that your in perfect hands.
Their classic car insurance starts from 25, So good to know as it amazes me just how fashionable it has become to own a classic car!
I can't wait for my little ones to be a bit older so that they don't need isofix carseats & we can have a mini or Beatle or restore that old Vauxhall Viva we have sitting in our drive at the present.
I'd absolutely love to get my Dad's Triumph Vitesse back on the road, it was his first car over 30 years ago, sadly it needs major restoration work. I'll have to dig out a picture, I remember sitting in the back with the roof off with my duvet all snuggled up driving to the seaside!
Oh the memories. *Goes drifting off into dreamland*

Vauxhall Viva

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