Co-Sleeping with a boots and bar baby

Mums side, dads side, Baby in the middle 
I'm not wanting to start a debate today, I've been there & done that - with Is co-sleeping like Marmite?
Now my life is 99% co-sleeping. This is just how we do things now. Not by choice I must admit. It's what H wants. Whilst I'm frantically trying to keep him wearing his boots and bar if being in "mummas bed mummas bed mummas bed!" helps him do that then heck he's in our bed. 
Though at times I feel like I'm losing my sanity. Night after night after night the same shit goes down.  I put them to bed around 7pm they wake at 10pm - I don't even know who wakes up first but within 5minutes they are both awake. 
E gets on my floor (on a pull out bed) in her sleeping bag. *Oh yes I'm prepared.
Hugo gets in the middle. Oh yes he does. 
We've tried H sleeping on the edge of the bed, however this didn't end well. He spectacularly fell out early hours one morning. Boots and bar & all. Luckily he seemed to still be asleep. I'm unsure if he even realised what had happened. 
So now he always sleeps in the middle. The thought of a good night sleep seems like a life time away. 
I lay there in bed last night half on the bed half off the bed... Boots and bar digging into my side. Is this it? Is this as good as life gets? 
Strangely i'm finding it quite comforting, the thought that in fact my babies are growing up. The thought that at the moment Hugo is wanting to be cuddled to sleep. *Seems to be the only way he will wear his boots and bar he must need the comfort, I mean if it helps him keep his boots on then I'm going to roll with it. 
It got me thinking last night though. Have you seen the duvets you can get? YES you can actually BUY one - 
I'm thinking they should make some for Happy Feet babies. they take up SO MUCH SPACE. 
I don't even have owner ship of my own pillow any more.... 
Don't get me started on having boots and bar on our heads... OUCH !! 
anyways I was sat up late last night squashed in bed & put together this - 
Boots and bar bed
I feel like daddy has his normal amount of the bed although he tells me he's just as squashed as I am... I totally beg to differ... ha. Only three more years of this...

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