Daffodils make everything better


What is it about these beautiful yellow daffs that just looking at them instantly cheers me up.
After last night I'm feeling rather fragile, Hugo wasn't very happy about getting his boots & bar on he tried to tell me his feet were 'gone'...However looking at my daffodils & the weather outside, Last night doesn't even matter, I wonder what it is that daffodils cheer me up so much? 
Is it because they are a lovely sunshine yellow colour?
Or the way they have just happy daffodil heads almost smiling back at you?
today i woke up & the sky was blue & the sun had its hat on - I managed to put my washing out on the line. This made my day even better.
The daffodils are just so yellow & fresh.
Summer is coming & i'm on the countdown! 
Beautiful daffodils 
Daffs make the world a better place

Summers coming !! 

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