Experiment Emilyn wearing Hugo's boots and bar for the night : Talipes Clubfoot Video

boots and bar - Talipes

As we are STILL struggling to get Hugo to wear his boots and bar I thought tonight we could try something we've never fully tried before, to get Emilyn to wear his old boots and bar.
Surprisingly she was rather excited to get them on, I suppose Hugo gets so much attention whilst trying to get him to wear them she liked the idea of some of that attention.

At first though she did say "well I don't need to wear boots and bar my feet are nice'n'straight already."

As soon as she got them on she turned around & bashed her foot on the wardrobe! Not a good start. However she did admit "this must be so difficult for Hugo"

Then they happily played cars, until it was time to brush teeth. She couldn't do anything herself. (Bare in mind I've had people tell me - Wearing boots and bar isn't any different to any other child?) SERIOUSLY? You have NO IDEA!... The things some people say.

Boots and bar siblings...

Trying to clean her teeth : we had to carry her to the bathroom.
Then it was bedtime, First obviously Emilyn couldn't climb her ladder & oh my gosh she was heavy to lift up to bed in boots and bar. Then she had to try & get comfy.

Boots and bar siblings

It took a while to get them to calm down & go to sleep. Emilyn chose to sleep on her side with legs in the air. *No photo as too dark -  Didn't want to wake them on purpose...

Boots and bar

Then our night shift started around 9pm with Hugo. By 10pm the tantrum had got out of control, I had to remove his boots and bar; he will just have to catch up time with them today.

Interestingly Emilyn only lasted till 11pm, she woke up in pain - yes she described it as pain. Her legs hurt & her feet hurt. So off came her boots and bar. 
No ifs no buts the boots came straight off. 
Now she is 4 years old. Ok the boots and bar don't fit her perfectly, And I want to say... she's obviously not used to them, However she couldn't spend the night wearing them. 
In her own words:
 "it wasn't good wearing boots and bar, it hurt my legs and hurt my feet. You had to take them off me in the night so I could sleep" 

It was fab for Emilyn to try & wear boots and bar to help Hugo feel happier wearing his. 
She was quite excited at first.
soon though she learned it stopped her from sleeping & hurt her legs. She doesn't want to wear them ever again.

Hugo hasn't got this choice. He has 12 hours to make up every day. If he doesn't wear them at night time it's a constant battle throughout the day...

It's made me more wary of that whole 'whats to come' stage. Hugo is 2. He's very rem vocal about his boots and bar already.
If I was still arguing with Hugo at the fine old age of 4 I know who'd win & it wouldn't be me.
The whole potty training, Teeth Cleaning, getting into bed ....
It just boggles my mind how anyone can say it's no different to any other non talipes child?
Stop me now if you are one that agree... I think in all honestly it's ludicrous to even think. Emilyn as a 4 year old in boots and bar was totally different to her normal 4 year old self & much more dependant on me.
The next few years will be interesting.

Could you wear Boots and bar? I know I couldn't.

*Update this was how today went down....

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