Eye examination for Emilyn the mini beast 27/03/14

Today was Emilyn's quarterly eye check up, after we stupidly I really should say *I stupidly... completely missed her eye check up that was meant to be in January, I blame the lacking of 2014 Diary. 
Anyways we managed to remember today's appointment. 
Emilyn is a bit of a pro at the whole eye test thing now. 
She's doing really well.
Her eyes are the same no better no worse...

We are now on 6 monthly check ups.  
we will however still be needing to go to Bogner Regis for her other eye tests that will be coming up again soon. 
Emilyn decided to dress for the occasion - Yes thats a Mini Beast costume. And why the heck not. 
Very Glastonbury.
Hunter wellies & Tutu with the big costume. 

A real talking point.

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