Family Fun Sunday Guildford Spectrum

Swim Swim Swim time

As it seems to be such a rarity to get u all together as a family of four, Our lives are so hectic it's a constant hi & bye to everyone. On a Sunday however we are all usually free with very little plans. 
This is where Family fun sunday comes in. 

Weekends are the quality time we crave as a family, we've vowed to do something each week that excites us, something that makes our weekend rememberable, something that doesn't involve housework, something that brings us as a family closer. 

This week Guildford Spectrum was calling our name. Just a short drive away in the car the Spectrum has, bowling, swimming, soft play, ice skating & much much more. 
After doing a little bit of research we found they do deals for Toddler Splash and Soft Play combo. Of which the Children jumped to the chance I think it's possibly their favourite things to do all rolled into one day out.
Hugo doesn't stop eating even at soft play !
You get 1 hour in soft play & its an impressivie size very deceptive, over a few layers, with more than three slides & a trampoline right at the bottom!, be careful that cheeky octopus doesn't get you, Daddy was kidknapped by pirates today. We had to collect all the treasure & give it to the naughty pirates so we got our Daddy back!

It was super lovely & quiet no pesky children being mean or horrible.
where's Emilyn? Soft play Spectrum
We even managed to get a cheeky Costa in whilst they played in Specky's pirate ship.
Finished playing now off to go swimming!!
Swim Swim Swim time
two little piglets all ready for swimming
Swimming time
Swimming ah swimming my two are like little water babies. They love Swimming I totally don't take them enough I know, It's so tough when its usually just me with the two of them, So today made it even more special. I 'think' the last time I took them swimming in the UK was about a year ago I blogged HERE... since then we've been to Miami where they went swimming A LOT!...
Wimpy for Lunch (Minus the children they had their own packed lunch they don't eat any type of fast food) - Their choice not mine. 
They loved watching the Ice Skating after doing it whilst on Holiday in Plymouth they love it!.
I recommend if you are local in Surrey or Sussex to take a look at Guildford Spectrum website Emilyn has now asked to have her Birthday party there... we will see. 

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