It is 'Tad pole' time of year - Springtime Frogspawn 15/03/14

Tadpoles & Frogsborn
Every year when I was a child I'd go to our pond & collect some frogspawn. It turned into a bit of a science project, watching them go from the jelly eggs - Frogspawn to full frogs! it's amazing.

Walking the dogs & finding the Frogspawn
So since last year I've decided to do the same with my own children, Last year we let them back into their pond when they all almost had turned in to frogs.
It's amazing showing the little ones the changes, How quickly they change too!
Hugo 'helping' to walk the dogs 

Emilyn walking Molly
We found some Frogspawn !

The pond we found the Frogspawn in

Captured some Frogspawn 

Hugo walking Molly

Hugo & Emilyn video

Our new 'pets' Tadpoles Frogspawn
Newts - We then found two newts in our pond, 

Emilyn looking at our new 'pets'

Hugo looking at the Frogspawn 
We will keep a weekly Tad pole watch so you can keep up to date. Emilyn & Hugo have named them all 'Nemo' 

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