My baby brother has Happy Feet BOOK

My baby brother has Happy Feet is now fully published ! 
I now have five books out for sale world wide!

& now you can purchase My baby brother has Happy Feet!

The book is about Emilyn who's 4 years old, Telling her story about Gogo's Happy Feet, 
She talks you through the Ponseti process, 
From finding out at the scan to having the first casts...

The images are all former photographs edited into illustrations. 

"I love my little brother Hugo. 
He is very sweet, and very strong. 
So watch out before he kicks you
He can’t help it & he knows it’s wrong.
I love my little brother Hugo."

 I wanted to get a book out that would help the older siblings understand how they're baby brother or sister will be, 
Emilyn thinks all babies need to wear boots and bar & also thinks she used to wear boots and bar. 
It fascinates me.

I'm getting one step closer to helping other happy feet families.
This book is sure to make you smile.
A positive journey about Happy Feet babies.

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