"My feet have gone Mummy" boots and bar tonight... 04/03/14

Tonight was fun: we had a lovely pasta bake for dinner, then lots of pancakes for desert then bath.
Our normal evening routine.
Pancakes - my pancake post are here for muddy puddles pancakes & here for perfect pancakes  
Boots and bar was rather eventful though.
It was all going ok, he let me get his pyjamas on. But then it all went wrong at socks time.
Hugo decided he would 'loose' his feet.
I've never seen anything like it. He literally tried to put his feet down the side of his bed & then told me "feet gone mummy, all gone" proceeds to THROW his boots and bar on to the floor... "Gogo no need Boots and bar, Feet all gone mummy"
Hiding his feet!
throwing his boots and bar on to the floor !
I kept calm & then managed to get his boots on,
My hands however are scratched !! He attacked me. Whilst trying to get his boots and bar on he was pinching, scratching, scraping my hands trying to prise my hands off his feet!...
Then he started throwing his cars at me. *I was still trying to stay calm. The tantrum is out of this world!
To top it off... from no where he kicked me in the face... oh my ! - THAT HURTS! *Don't try that at home....
Totally crazy!
My poor hands...

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