"No dance Mummy, Bar off" Talipes Boots and bar

Boots and bar hugo

Quinny Yezz boots and bar Hugo 
So Hugo's a pretty energetic little boy, he loves football, running, dancing... well of course he's stuck when its boots and bar time. I keep trying to show him that he can still dance whilst he wears his boots.
The tantrum at boots and bar time is pretty similar to before. In fact after going back in time on the blog I found a post from when he was 19 months old life is pretty much exactly the same. I dread... yes DREAD bedtime. I had an episode over the weekend, the Migraine from hell raised its ugly head. 

It just broke my heart last night whilst Emilyn was having a good dance to the radio... Hugo tried but fell then kept telling me he just can't dance whilst wearing his boot and bar. 
Then our night like normal went into a horrible tantrum for hours until I gave up & removed his boots and bar. The guilt riddling inside me is unbearable. The thought of his feet relapsing is quite frankly terrifying. 
We then managed a few hours this morning wearing his boots and bar, But that resulted in a huge tantrum, Something that hasn't really happened before, he used to allow me to put them on him in the day, today wasn't fun.
Talipes Hugo

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