The 'No Make Up Selfie' for Cancer Research awareness ??

Cancer Research a charity far too close to my heart for my own liking. 
My own Mother being a 7 year surviver this month. Other family members around me who have also been affected. Cancer is everywhere. Effecting too many people. 
So what do you think of this #nomakeupselfie to raise Cancer Awareness?
I think for once it's an amazing thing for us all to be doing. It is creating fabulous awareness for everyone.
My #nomakeupselfie
For me to post a no make up selfie & I may add no hair done - is a huge thing. I won't even pop to the petrol station without a little bit of foundation on. 
Ok so I hear you... Whats this go to do with Cancer? WELL it's raising awareness you can go to No make up selfie for cancer research Facebook page 

"Question - how does doing a selfie make awareness for cancer? 
Answer - the same way that a red nose makes awareness for poverty."
I did feel though if every one who posts a #nomakeupselfie then donated to Cancer Research 
It would make this whole thing SO much more worth while. Just £2 or £3 is nothing to you or me but added up would make SUCH a difference ! 
I just donated after posting my no make up selfie. Why don't you? Donate here now it takes a few minutes thats all.

Honestly I wouldn't of donated to cancer Research today if it wasn't for the no make up selfie. So who says it's for nothing? Amazing work to whoever is behind the #nomakeupselfie. 

To the people moaning about their newsfeed being taken over by the no make up selfie ssshhhh you're moaning you are STILL talking about them - thus meaning you are more aware about Cancer. You are talking about it. 
No one says you HAVE to take a 'selfie' but the people behind this have done an amazing job! 

But I do feel some of you are losing the whole point of this- Being a big bitch telling people they have make up on blah blah blah ok ok yes They've done it wrong - but some of these people have been accused for it whilst they actually have a very bare face! 

Then I went to my Trusty friend 'Google' the 'media' are having a BALL with this Craze.... 
I just think we are all talking about Cancer
I just think many more of us have donated over the last few days than ever before. 
I just think It actually took me Balls to post my nude face for the world to see, So I feel I in return should donate to Cancer Research. 

Last thing...

After I donated I then received this email 

"Our work, funded entirely by supporters like you, has been at the heart of progress that has seen cancer survival rates double in the last forty years. However, more than one in three of us will still get cancer at some point in our lives, and it is vital we continue to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer to ensure millions more people will survive.
Our scientists and doctors have contributed to most of the world's top cancer drugs and with your help we can continue our research, which includes supporting around 200 cancer trials and funding over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses throughout the UK."
Go on get involved. Don't just post your #nomakeupselfie make a difference too
You can donate £3 by texting BEAT to 70099 
Follow Cancer research on twitter 

Stop MOANING about what others are doing around you - get off Facebook or Twitter if it bores you so much!! ... anyways I'm back to my normal maked up self today.

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