Poorly Emilyn that damn vomiting Bug has got her

croissant coffee & work
Just as I was about to tuck into my croissant when my phone rung, it was E's preschool - she wasn't herself, freezing cold, not wanting to play or eat her snack.
I of course left my freshly made coffee & croissant jumped in the car & whizzed down to collect her.
Collecting Emilyn.
Poor sausage she looked awful.
Got her home tucked her up on the sofa & she went to sleep.
I really struggle with poorly children. It makes me so sad seeing her so upset. Temperature as high as 40...then she vomited. Thank goodness I got a bowl out earlier.
All cuddled up

I then struggle... Hugo is craving attention. He wants to be poorly. He wants the cuddles. He gets jealous of Emilyn wanting me.
The feeling torn, the stress urgh frustrating isn't even the word.

Now to add to the fun is now she's been sick... Speech therapy will have to be cancelled tomorrow. Then Thursday what am I going to do with her? Hugo has his foot appointment. Bummer.

Just hoping the rest of us don't get it - I can't be doing with being sick....

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