Quinny Yezz Compare Maxi-Cosi Noa Travel Buggies

I'm always intrigued to know just what buggy is better, They are both travel buggies, Perfected for going abroad. 


  • Lightweight - just 5kgs. Perfect for travel or for small car boots. Highly manoeuverable. Compact size when folded. Freestanding when folded. Large storage pocket. Great colours. Carrying strap. Surprisingly strong when open. Huge seat. Good for an older toddler who mainly walks but needs a lift home. Tall handle - but is not pushed like a typical pushchair - the Yezz simply glides along.

  • A lightweight pushchair that folds into a very compact shape which is easy to carry and freestands. The fold is one handed and is done quickly and easily. A telescopic handle allows the Noa to be pulled along behind you. A zip recline & suspension, offers comfort for a sleeping child. Raincover, basket and parasol clip are included.
Quinny Yezz & Maxi Cosi Noa Folded up free standing


  • It says suitable from 6 months ,however I don't think I'd want my 6 month old in it, as it doesn't recline. Rain cover is an extra. It's really an occasional pushchair, rather than every day. No storage basket. No recline.


  • The basket is small - but is able to take more than you think..
Quinny Yezz & Maxi-Cosi Noa folded up 

    Minimum age in seat 

    QUINNY YEZZ - From 6 months
    MAXI-COSI NOA - From 6 months

    Adjustable leg rest 

    QUINNY YEZZ - no
    MAXI-COSI NOA - no

    Calf Support 


    Sun Protection 

    QUINNY YEZZ - Hood
    MAXI-COSI NOA - Parasol Optional extra

    Safety Harness 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 5 point safety harness
    MAXI-COSI NOA  - 5 point safety harness

    Bumper Bar 

    QUINNY YEZZ - no
    MAXI-COSI NOA - no

    My 2 year old in the Maxi Cosi Noa & Quinny Yezz

    My 4 year old in the Maxi Cosi Noa & Quinny Yezz - she weighs 15kg.

    Buggy Board Compatible

    QUINNY YEZZ - no
    MAXI-COSI NOA - no

    Open pushchair width in cm 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 56
    MAXI-COSI NOA - 48

    Folded pushchair width 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 27
    MAXI-COSI NOA - 31

    Pushchair weight 


    Maximum Child weight 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 15kg
    MAXI-COSI NOA - 15kg

    Seat Back heights in cm 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 58.5cm
    MAXI-COSI NOA - 50.5cm

    Seat width 

    QUINNY YEZZ - 33.5cm
    MAXI-COSI NOA - 27.5cm

    Adjustable Handle bar 

    QUINNY YEZZ - no - 105.5cm height
    MAXI-COSI NOA - no 103.5cm height


    QUINNY YEZZ - foot
    MAXI-COSI NOA - foot

    One handed fold 


    Available colours 

    QUINNY YEZZ - Grey Road, Blue Track, Red Signal, Pink Hybrid, Purple Rush, Green Curve, Yellow Move - 2014 new colours HERE

    MAXI COSI NOA - Bleached Denim (blue), Dahlia Pink, Intense Red, Steel Grey, Total Black 

    Other options or features 

    QUINNY YEZZ - Raincover is an extra, It has a elastic handle so you can carry it on your back. Perfect at the airport. So lightweight! Freestanding when folded. 

    MAXI-COSI NOA - Amazing one handed fold which makes the Noa into one of the most compact pushchairs on the market. 
    Parasol clip is included
    When folded a telescopic handle can be pulled out from the centre of the pushchair and then the Noa can be pulled along behind when walking.
    Freestanding when folded.


    QUINNY YEZZ - £175 NEW + £25  for the rain cover 

    MAXI COSI NOA - £150 NEW Raincover Included.

    Why should you buy the 

    Quinny YEZZ? 

    The Yezz turns the city in to your playground. Using the latest technology and lightest materials available, the strong, durable and easy to use Yezz buggy handles every city challenge with ease. The wheels glide over the paths. By far the easiest buggy I've ever pushed.
    Be in control of every situation. Push when needed or carry it comfortably – hands free. It's the perfect family buggy. The Yezz becomes a part of the family, experiencing your holidays with you.
    Quinny YEZZ

    Maxi Cosi Noa?

    When you are out and about with your toddler, you need a buggy that is easy to use. The Maxi-Cosi Noa will get you anywhere: it is lightweight, compact and maneuvrable with a two-position recline, front suspension wheels and storage space
    The Maxi-Cosi Noa buggy is so easy to use, it's child play: using only one hand, the Noa (un)folds in a flash and its unique retractable handle lets you easily pull the folded buggy!
    Maxi cosi noa

    You can pick both up second hand for fab prices - around £70 - £100 preloved. I don't really think the rain cover is a 
    necessity I took my Maxi Cosi Noa to Spain, France & America, I never took our rain cover... 

    So the fact the Yezz doesn't come with one doesn't put me off buying it again. 
    I would 100% recommend both buggies. I am torn between which one I love the best. 

    You can also see my Bugaboo Buffalo & Quinny Moodd Compare here

    *Disclaimer - This is not a review I have chosen to do this post for myself & Mummies that keep asking whats the best travel buggy - I hope this helps you chose... Love talking buggies .

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